Ballistic Reveals Lineup of Galaxy S5 Cases

As expected, Ballistic will be supporting the Galaxy S5 with the usual lineup of cases ranging from “kind of rugged” to “very rugged.”  Ballistic makes a variety of cases and is currently doing a re-branding of sorts for their most popular units.  Their bread and butter was with the SG (Shell Gel) series of cases that combines a lightweight polycarbonate shell and a very thick silicone rubber with reinforced corners.  The backs of these cases also had dimples throughout for easy gripping.  They also now make other popular cases such as the SG MAXX, which is a much more rugged case with a belt clip / holster combination.

Under their new naming scheme, the SG series will be renamed Tough Jacket, and the SG MAXX will now be called the Tough Jacket MAXX.

There are also two more SKUs for Ballistic’s cases that are even smaller than the previous two: the Jewel and the Urbanite.  The Urbanite appears to be a much more slim Tough Jacket case, and the Jewel is a pure, transparent TPU case.  Both new models also have the reinforced corners so your screen is protected during the worst drops.  The Urbanite also has a glossy, smooth back as opposed to the grippy back of the Ballistic Shell Gel.  Colors are also a little more bright.

While no word is available yet as to when their Galaxy S5 cases will be released, you can currently register on their website with your email address to be notified when pre-orders begin.

Ballistic Galaxy S5 Cases Ballistic Galaxy S5 Cases

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