Ballistic Tough Jacket MAXX

The Ballistic Tough Jacket MAXX, formerly known as the the SG MAXX, is a much more rugged take on Ballistic‘s popular Shell Gel case, which is built in a similar way but with an embedded plastic screen protector and a heavy duty holster and belt clip included.  You can currently order one of these at a pretty great discount on Amazon while supplies last.  


Ballistic is notorious for a certain style of case, one which has exaggerated corners and they were actually among the first to recognize just how vulnerable those locations were on large-screened devices such as the Galaxy S series of phones.  The silicone rubber used on their Tough Jacket MAXX series is extremely thick, and those protruding corners do a lot to make this case very safe to drop from upwards of 7 feet high.

But for today’s rugged cases, silicone or TPU just isn’t enough to cover the full gamut of potential hazards to your device, so they’ve also implemented a polycarbonate exoskeleton which fits on around that, which assists your grip, keeps the silicone rubber firmly attached, and also adds to the overall rigidity of your case.  In the case of the MAXX series, they’ve also added a built-in plastic screen protector and have included a very heavy duty holster and belt clip to further protect your S5.

The ports also have plugs built into the rubber, which you can plug in while not in use to prevent dirt, dust, and light liquid from getting all up in there and potentially shorting something out and causing electrical damage.  HEXTEC is the technology Ballistic has developed to protect your device in six different ways, including those four corners, the protruding front lip, and the majority of the polycarbonate backplate which has one of Ballistic’s hallmark designs: a dimpled pattern.

The only knock on the Tough Jacket MAXX is the size, as those four corners protrude out quite a bit, making putting it in your pocket a task.  There’s also tons of clearance between the protruding front lip and your display, which is great for protection but makes this far from a low profile case.   The included holster helps alleviate most of these troubles as it’s a very safe way to carry your phone around while inside the MAXX.

Ballistic has made cases for 20+ years, and their knowledge up to this point has culminated in their Tough Jacket MAXX, so you’re definitely getting a quality product.  If you plan on wearing your phone in its holster, this is a good bet.  We feel it’s not as rugged as the Defender Series OtterBox because of how little polycarbonate there is protecting, but you do get a better value with this one compared to the premium price of the Defender.

Be sure to check out our Top 5 Galaxy S5 Rugged Cases for more rugged cases if you’re not overall satisfied with what the Tough Jacket MAXX offers.

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