Ballistic Tough Jacket

The Tough Jacket from Ballistic takes the place of their immensely popular SG (Shell Gel) cases, and they’re just as rugged and protective at before and maintain their signature reinforced corners.  You can currently get your order in today in both Black and Red.   


One of Ballistic’s very first cases was the SG, the abbreviation of Shell Gel.  The case was notorious for a very thick silicone layer, four heavily reinforced corners, and a dimpled rear polycarbonate shell that was removable.  The case was designed to be the ultimate protection against a phone’s worst enemy (besides water): drops.

The Tough Jacket is the new, more catchy name of the SG cases that made Ballistic one of the top case manufacturers today.  The silicone is very thick, which means it’s going to do an excellent job absorbing shock from most drops and impact.  The case is held rigid by a polycarbonate exoskeleton that attaches around the buttons while still leaving openings for the rear speaker and camera hardware.  Combined, you have a great protective solution.

The glaring con to this case is the size of it, however.  For the excellent drop protection, you’ll be sacrificing the thinness of the Galaxy S5, much more considerably than similar cases in the niche such as the OtterBox Commuter series which is available for the same price and also includes a screen protector.  The Tough Jacket has put all of its chips in the camp that states that one of the four corners of your smartphone is going to hit the ground first, and it usually does.

Like the Commuter, the Tough Jacket also has a removable polycarbonate backplate, but with both cases it’s not recommended to go without it and it makes the case feel incomplete, which it would be.

Overall, the Ballistic Tough Jacket is a solid case with excellent quality and materials.  The major drawback is going to be the size of it, but the protection afforded to you with drops is great.  If you’ve owned a Ballistic SG case in the past, you’ll feel right at home with the look and feel of the Tough Jacket.

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