BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case

We’ve seen cases and all shapes and sizes, and BoxWave has upped the ante with their True Bamboo Minimus Case, which is essentially their Minimus hard case with real bamboo trim on the rear.  This heightens the overall feel of the case and also looks sharp.  It’s currently on a ridiculous sale on BoxWave’s official site and you can order one with either White or Black trim.


Most hard cases are rather bland, usually consisting of a mold of polycarbonate that comes in a cool color, or with a cool texture, or even incorporates some sort of trendy design.  There’s only so much you can do with a mold of polycarbonate, and BoxWave has decided to go somewhere where not many have gone.  The BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case is a hard case that at its core is a polycarbonate case, but the rear back panel is what sets it apart.

It isn’t a picture of bamboo, or a textured vinyl, it is a real bamboo panel on the rear of this case.  Bamboo grows fast, and it BoxWave has sourced it during its 2-4 year peak growth spurt to put on their Minimus case, and it’s not half bad.  It’s an extremely strong wood and it feels great in the hand.  It’s also very light.

The case looks great, and is a great alternative to the more expensive wooden Galaxy S5 cases out that are usually handcrafted wholly from wood with very few polycarbonate and metal components.  The price of the True Bamboo Minimus is also a fraction of the cost to boot.

Protection-wise, this case protects very similar to a normal hard case, with no real shock absorption to speak of but it definitely stops scratches and scuffs from light drops.  It secures pretty tightly too, so it shouldn’t detach from your Galaxy S5 if you drop it.  Most of the bottom and top of your S5 are exposed as well, so larger chargers will go in easier.  There’s also cutouts for the side buttons and rear camera.  The Fingerprint Scanner is also wide open so you can easily slide your finger down it without interfering with a front lip.

Overall, for the price, this is a very good pickup right now.  It’s priced less than pure polycarbonate cases, so if you like the wood look and are interested in what it feels like, scoop one of these up from BoxWave’s official site.

Get Yours Today on BoxWave’s Site!


BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case for Galaxy S5BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case for Galaxy S5 BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case for Galaxy S5 BoxWave True Bamboo Minimus Case for Galaxy S5

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