BUDDIBOX Power Glider

Some more battery cases for the Galaxy S5 are beginning to emerge, and the next one we’ve come across is the Power Glider from a company called BUDDIBOX.  This case not only comes with a huge battery rated at 3200 mAh, it is the first one we’ve seen (for any phone) with a built-in flip cover.  You can currently order one of these at a very low price in either Black or White.  


There aren’t many Galaxy S5 Battery Cases that are available yet, but it’s good to see more and more being made, especially when they bring new features to the table.  The BUDDIBOX Power Glider not only has the highest capacity battery we’ve seen in a battery case for the Galaxy S5, but they’ve also managed to incorporate a flip cover for added protection.  They’ve also installed a kick stand and 4 LED indicator lights to reflect each quarter of battery life remaining in the case.

The case is largely made up of the internal battery and a hard, polycarbonate material.  The case attaches to your Galaxy S5 via a sliding mechanism from the top and bottom with your Galaxy S5 fitting snugly in the railing designed into the interior sides of each half.  We prefer this method of attaching hard cases to phones over sloppier methods such as front and rear pieces because it’s a lot more sturdy and better leverages your device to keep the case together in the event of a fall or drop.

While in the case, seeing as it was designed specifically for the S5, you’ll retain complete utility of all of the camera hardware, buttons, ports, and speakers.  The flip cover covers your screen while it’s not in use or in your pocket, and there’s even a cutout at the top for your earpiece which will allow you to talk on the phone without having to open the cover.  Since it doesn’t have a window, you’ll still need to answer the call with the flip open though.

The kickstand on the back of the case is absolutely great for watching Netflix, YouTube, movies, and any other content that you wanna sit back for.  The kickstand only props your device up in the landscape orientation, and trying to set it up for portrait may result in your phone falling… hard.

Protection-wise, the BUDDIBOX Power Glider definitely covers everything, but there’s not much in the way of shock absorbing that you’d get with TPU or silicone.  The shiny polycarbonate is also easily scratched, so the case will definitely show some wear after an accident or two.  On the bright side, because of how it attaches to the Galaxy S5, it shouldn’t break apart after a drop but it may still come loose.  With the flip cover closed, your display is also completely shielded from scuffs and scratches from pavement exposure.

This is a very good deal at the crazy price the Power Glider is currently at, and BUDDIBOX even offers a 12 month warranty which is good for anything that involves a battery like this case does.  If you need more juice for your Galaxy S5, this is definitely the way to go.  It has the largest battery and most comprehensive protection for the Galaxy S5, so far.

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