Caseology Slim Armor Case

(Update 7/2/14: We’ve been informed Caseology now calls this the Armor Plate.)

If the name and style of this case looks familiar, you’re not going crazy.  The design is extremely similar to Spigen’s own Slim Armor cases and for good reason.  Both cases appear to be produced in South Korea and most likely share the identical manufacturer.  And that’s a good thing, because this is a great case.  You can get yours now.  


The make-up of this case is set up like most traditional hybrid cases, which is a TPU skin core and a polycarbonate shell that fits on over the top of it.  In the case of the Caseology Slim Armor Case, the polycarbonate shell covers much more area, including the top corners.

At first sight you may not even be able to tell this is more than just a hard case.  The shell is quite omnipotent and covers the vast majority of your Galaxy S5, only allowing a little breathing room to the silicone skin at the bottom corners.  But, Caseology has ensured their design allows complete use of your Galaxy S5’s features including the Heart Rate Monitor and all buttons.  You also have ample room for the USB 3.0 charging port at the bottom.

This case is also incredibly thin, adding just under 0.2cm of width, coming in at 1.0cm with your Galaxy S5 measuring 0.81cm thin.  The front lip is raised 2.5mm, allowing you to place your phone face down and not have it grind on the surface it’s on.

Caseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5

The TPU skin is a work of protective art as well, utilizing a patterned design on the inside which dissipates shock and heat.  At each of the four corners there is Air Mesh technology which distributes shock evenly out, creating an almost airbag-like effect in the event of an accident.

Overall, this is a great case available at an even greater price.  If you like the protection that Spigen’s Slim Armor offers, this is a cheaper solution with the main trade-off being the look and paint job, which is kind of plain in our opinion.

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Caseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5 (Black)Caseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5 (Gold) Caseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5 (Blue) Caseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5 (Pink) caseolCaseology Slim Armor Case for Galaxy S5 (White)

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