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Cimo has a new take on the rugged case, offering a very protective solution with a grippable TPU skin, a polycarbonate backplate, and a pull-out kickstand for content viewing.  You can get one of these in either Black and White on a limited time sale now.   


Most rugged, hybrid cases these days are starting to look very similar and Cimo has decided to mix things up a bit with their new Protector series of Galaxy S5 cases.  These come in Black and White and are designed and built a little differently than what we’re accustomed to seeing.

The major difference with the Protector is the kickstand on the rear of the case.  It’s part of the polycarbonate backplate and easily pulls out with your thumb or finger.  Don’t play with it too much, though, as it can snap off, which is the main reason we rated the durability a little lower than other rugged cases.

Along the sides of this case you’ll also notice and enhanced, easily grippable design with protruding dots that great help with grip to ensure the case and your Galaxy S5 doesn’t easily slip from your grasp while you’re holding it.

Cimo Protector Galaxy S5 Case

On the rear is a very large cutout for your camera hardware to ensure pictures aren’t washed out when you take pictures with the flash enabled, and also there’s plenty of room for the rear speaker to blast through.  The buttons are designed into the TPU itself and they’re pretty easy to press but have a little bit of a break-in period, so keep that in mind.

The interior of the TPU skin has a very fine pattern which not only dissipates heat but absorbs shock better than most standard TPU skins.  Dropping your Galaxy S5 in this case won’t be nearly as bad with a pure polycarbonate case or no case at all and definitely fits our “rugged” standard.

Overall, this is a very great solution for keeping your Galaxy S5 safe from drops and also being able to watch videos and other content while leaned back at your desk.  The low price is the icing on the cake, and we definitely recommend checking these out while the sale lasts.

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