CM4 Q Card Case Review for Galaxy S5

We covered the Galaxy S5 Q Card Case from CM4 a few weeks ago, and have just gotten one to more accurately review and get a better understanding of its protective qualities and card-holding prowess.  There are a few things that are more obvious when the case is in your hands and we can now touch on each of its qualities a little more thoroughly.


The Q Card Case from CM4 combined the qualities of a protective TPU case and the utility of a wallet case into a unique design that can hold up to three cards and a combination of lesser cards and folded up cash.  CM4 set out to create what’s essentially a wallet case that doesn’t look like the typical, all-leather case that has become so common and to do so they designed their cases from scratch.

The TPU itself is rigid and has a very light matte finish to it which gives it a soft feel.  The edges are rounded and there are areas of the TPU that are raised in certain areas to accommodate the wallet, and also areas which are thinned out around the buttons.  This allows for easy pressing of your power button and volume rocker and eliminates the break-in period and accidental button presses that some lower quality TPU cases are guilty of.

CM4 Q Card Galaxy S5 Case Review

Inside the TPU is the CM4 logo which is not only there for branding, but to create an air gap between the back of your Galaxy S5 and the case which allows room to breathe and ensures your device doesn’t overheat or stick to the case after extreme use.  There’s also a shiny, plastic canal at the bottom right corner which reflects the audio emitted from the rear speaker toward you which will amplify the sound and is a great feature for a case in itself.  The bottom right lip of the case curves downward to pull off this little trick.

CM4 Q Card Galaxy S5 Case Review

There’s also extremely accurate openings over your microphones, headphone jack, and charging port.  The headphone jack hole is large enough that most plugs will be able to fit without rubbing.  There’s also room for the Heart Rate Monitor to properly operate.

The main attraction of this case is the leather wallet on the back.  It’s an extremely convenient way to travel light and can store your driver’s license, a credit card, and one other card or some folded up cash.  One of the main concerns I had with this was how exposed your items were and that they could potentially fall out, so I performed some tests by dropping the case with cards in it to see if they’d fall out.

The answer was no.

With a single card in there, I figured a few drops would eventually displace it but CM4 has designed the wallet in such a way that there is a lip emerging from the TPU to safely hold a single card in place.  With two and three cards in there, the resistance of how tight the pocket is keeps them in place as well and with the bottom card anchored it’s unlikely or impossible that any would ever fall out.  As you place the cards in deeper, the back of the pocket is also tighter which grips your belongings even better.  And finally, since the interior of the wallet is also leather, it has a certain amount of grip to safeguard your stuff even further.

CM4 Q Card Galaxy S5 Case Review

Protection-wise, the TPU is comparable to what we’ve experienced with other high quality TPU cases, but there’s no additional support at the corners.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and your S5 should still be okay if you do drop it.  Like other cases, the TPU lip also protrudes out from the front enough to where you can place your S5 face down without it making direct contact with a dirty surface.

This really is a quality product and the material and craftsmanship is extremely solid.  I can’t imagine any part of this case deteriorating, including the leather back.  They reinforced the area that holds on the wallet to an extent that even pulling and tugging on it forcefully doesn’t do anything to harm it and that was pretty impressive to me.

If you’re looking for a case that can actually replace your need for a wallet while traveling light and the typical all-leather wallet cases just look ugly or don’t do it for you, there’s no other option besides the Q Card Case, and it’s probably the best option even considering the traditional wallet cases out.

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