CM4 Q Card Case

The Q Card Case from CM4 is one of the more uniquely designed wallet solutions out for the Galaxy S5, combining a thick TPU case with a stitched on PU leather rear pocket that can store up to 3 credit cards or IDs.  CM4 has also incorporated an audio amplifier to get around blocking the rear speaker by the pocket.  It’s currently available to order in Black, Blue, and Pacific Green.   


CM4’s Q Card Case is built a lot differently than the traditional wallet case, that’s for sure.  This case is comprised mostly of a thick TPU which is molded to be thicker than other gel cases as it has to accommodate the rear, PU leather pocket and maintain stability in the process.  Regardless of the thicker TPU, the company has ensured that your buttons are still easy to press and that there’s still ample clearance to properly utilize your heart rate monitor.

Because of the pocket placement, the rear speaker is actually going to blocked by this case, but CM4 planned accordingly.  A built-in audio amplifier is installed in the case which essentially redirects the sounds out of that speaker out of the front of the case as you can see by that small gap in the bottom right corner of the case.  This is actually more optimal for hearing since it’s directed straight at you and you’ll no longer have to cup your hand behind your phone to get a good volume level.

The pocket that’s stitched onto the rear of the case can hold up to 3 cards and some cash if you’re feeling tough as it’s definitely going to be somewhat exposed.  There’s also a finger opening on the flip side of the pocket which you can use to push your cards out so you don’t have to squeeze your fingers into the pocket and potentially stretch it out.

Dropping your S5 while in this case will leave it pretty well protected, but some of your cards might fly out which isn’t a good thing.  The front lip of the case also protrudes to an extent that you can lay your device face down without fear of its display making direct contact with a dirty surface.

This is a very unique case that comes with a premium price tag.  We like its originality, but the price is a lot higher than what we’d expect even though it truly is a unique, patented design from Cm4.

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