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Not everyone needs a super rugged case for their Galaxy S5, which can drastically reduce the natural ergonomics of the device, and Diztronic has a solution that looks great and protects well enough versus most common accidents.  Their TPU cases are available in a few different colors and styles, and there’s now a rugged option too which we’ll cover below.  You can look through the cases Diztronic is currently offering now.   


Diztronic is definitely a consumer favorite thanks in part to their high quality TPU and customer service, and like clockwork they’ve brought their collection of superb TPU cases to the Galaxy S5 in a variety of colors and a new rugged style.  TPU, which stands for thermopolyurethane, is a material commonly used in case production because of how light, flexible, and shock absorbent it is.

Diztronic’s TPU cases fit onto the Galaxy S5 very easily, and come off easy too, but not unless you want it to.  You’ll want to remove them every now and then to clean out debris that accumulates underneath the front lips though.  The TPU material used by Diztronic shows no signs of warping or being stretched out after extended use, which is important if you plan to keep your Galaxy S5 for at least two years.  Cheaper alternatives often become floppy and don’t fit snugly after a few months of wear.

Diztronic’s new rugged TPU cases which is also featured at the links above and below reinforces the corners slightly seeing as these seem to be the problem points for most screen shatters.  It also protrudes out from the front of the screen slightly more so than the other cases.

There is also a GlitterFlex case, which only comes in pink for now, and it is kind of a translucent TPU with glitter embedded into the material itself which gives a cool visual effect.

The other colored cases feature a matte back, which isn’t glossy like the clear and pink versions of the case and is smudge-resistant and also greatly aids in the grip of your S5.

These are definitely the best pure gel cases out for the Galaxy S5, and the price is somewhat reflective of that, but you can rest assured that the quality of the case and the customer service matches the above average price tag.

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