Element Case Recon Black Ops Pro

There are numerous reasons to love Element Case’s Recon Black Ops Pro, one of which is a feature I haven’t even seen on any other cases: a sound boosting system.  This is the Black Ops edition of the Recon Pro series, which combines machined aluminum, polycarbonate, and TPU into one of the most rugged cases we’ve ever seen.  These are finally available to order in a few different colors.  


In a world where most rugged cases are comprised solely of polycarbonate and TPU, and cases which include aluminum are typically low-profile, Element Case has designed an extremely rugged case which combines all three materials into a captivating new rugged Galaxy S5 case.  Not only does the case do an excellent job protecting your device from essentially any type of impacts or destructive forces, it even includes the company’s own Sound Boost System, abbreviated as SBS, which redirects audio to the front and adds clarity in the process.

The only thing the Recon Black Ops Pro is lacking is a built-in screen protector, which they’ve made up for with a privacy screen protector.  These screen protectors adhere to your screen (and are easily removable) and give off a tinted, glossy look when your screen is off.  When it’s on, only looking directly in front of the screen will show you the display and anyone looking from the sides or at angles will just see a black void.  This is a very cool effect to see in person, and the only slight disadvantage is negligibly decreased screen brightness.  It is completely optional to use the protector though.

Element Case Recon Pro for Galaxy S5

As you would imagine, there are also buttons designed into the case which are easy to press, and proper cutouts over all of the Galaxy S5’s features including ample room for swiping down on the fingerprint reader.

The case is mainly made up of polycarbonate and TPU, and the CNC machined aluminum backplate is installed on the rear.  This helps with overall rigidity of the case in the event of extreme outside pressure or force.

Element Case also includes the FMS Fuse Dek, which is essentially a hybrid holster and stand for your Recon Black Ops Pro case.  By itself it allows you to view media and content while sitting back relaxed, and on the go it can attach to your belt or purse.

One thing that cannot be ignored, however, is the price.  These are some of the most expensive cases, but definitely for good reason.  The quality outmatches all of its competition easily, and the durability of this case is also the best.  If you’re very serious about protecting your Galaxy S5, you won’t be let down by this one.

There’s really no way I can imagine your S5 sustaining any real damage from being dropped from almost any height (within reason) while in this case.  It has the structural rigidity and shock absorption properties which are critical for excellent protection.

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