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Q: Do I need a waterproof case for my Galaxy S5 since the Galaxy S5 is already waterproof?

A: It’s a lot safer!  While the Galaxy S5 is somewhat water-resistant, this is not to be confused with being completely waterproof.  You don’t want to submerge your Galaxy S5 for too long if at all.  Tests have been done with the Galaxy S5, however, proving that it can be submerged for quite some time, but Samsung is making no promises.  There are not many truly waterproof cases out anyways, but the most popular one is the LifeProof case.


Q: What cases will work with a Qi Wireless Charger if I get the Wireless Charging Back or a receiver?

A: If you install a third party receiver, you want to find a plain hard case or gel case that is no more than 1mm thick with some exceptions.  A rugged or hybrid case, which utilizes both polycarbonate and TPU, will generally not be able to work as there’s too much material between the receiver and your charging pad.

If you’re using the Samsung Wireless Charging back, you’ve probably realized it is slightly larger in the back.  Because of this, a lot of cases won’t work but most of the gel cases which are available for the Galaxy S5 will still fit but may not go on properly.  As of now, there are no specific cases designed for the slightly thicker back.

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  1. Clarence Johnson

    I bought this on Amazon “PowerBear® Samsung Galaxy S5 [Extended Series] – 7800mAh Extended Battery with Bare Black Back Lid Cover – Compatible with i9600, G900T (T-Mobile), G900P (Sprint), G900A (AT&T) & G900V (Verizon) – 2.75x More Power (24 MONTH WARRANTY)”
    Do you make a cover that will fit it?

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