Fintie Flip Cover Folio Cases

Fintie appears to be the first out of the gate with their collection of Galaxy S5 flip covers, and they’re available in tons of different colors.   Not only are these flip covers, but they also incorporate a front window onto the cover that lets you easily access information without having to open the whole thing.  These are currently available to order in a whopping 11 different colors!   


Flip covers are a very popular selection nowadays when it comes to large touchscreen devices, and Fintie happens to be one of the first companies out of the gate to offer this solution for Galaxy S5 owners.  Finti’s Galaxy S5 Flip Cover Folio Case actually covers both the front and back of your device with a high quality, synthetic leather that they bill as being ultra slim and light.

The interior of this case is lined with a soft, microfiber material that prevents any scratching from occurring while your S5 is protected, and prevents fine dust and sand from being grinded into your phone’s housing while it’s in your pocket or otherwise on the move.  A magnetic latch holds itself shut as well, which is a lot better than something like a snap or velcro.  The magnet is also strong enough where it won’t just flop open for no reason, keeping your Galaxy S5 relatively safe while inside.

The coolest feature of Fintie’s flip cover is the S-View-like window on the front.  This is an interactive viewing window that allows you to see important information on your Galaxy without having to open the entire flip.  You can see signal, battery, messages, missed calls, the time and date, or current music details with a quick glance.

Fintie also proclaims that your Fingerprint Scanner and Heartbeat Sensor functions remain intact, which is great news and something to consider when picking out your own case.  As you’d imagine, you also get full access to the buttons and ports of your device without having to remove the case, including both the front facing and rear camera while the flip cover is opened.

Your Galaxy S5 is held in place by the case via a polycarbonate shell that is melded with the synthetic leather on the exterior.  This gives a hard case-like protection to your phone, but with the added benefit of the flip.  If you were to drop your phone while in this case, it will definitely be protected very well, especially if you have the flip shut.  Your phone is protected all over and there’s not much that can damage it except for water intrusion or fire.

If you’re a fan of the flip cover functionality and don’t want to spend much more money on the official solutions from Samsung, you cannot beat the deal these are currently being sold at, so order yours today!

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Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Black) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Navy) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Blue) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Brown) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Green) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Magenta) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Orange) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Pink) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Purple) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Red) Fintie Galaxy S5 Flip Cover (Pink)

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