GMYLE Vintage Book Case

In the looks department, GMYLE’s Vintage Book Case for the Galaxy S5 definitely takes a crown for originality.  This is a wallet case that’s designed to look like it belongs in an ancient library, but instead it just does a great job protecting your device and also acting as a stand.  You can currently order these now but there are only a few left in stock.   


Wallet cases come in all shapes and sizes, as evidenced by all of the ones we’ve covered on our site.  GMYLE’s Vintage Book Case is no exception, and it largely offers the same features and attributes of other case but with a slight aesthetic difference.

Their Vintage Book Case is a little more thick, but does mostly the same things.  On the side of the case is a book binding that is also slightly riveted to allow for any easier, more ergonomic grip.  The case is crafted with a synthetic leather that does a decent job at shock absorption.  You Galaxy S5 is held in place by a polycarbonate shell case that’s fused to the inside of the case.

All of your ports and buttons are accessible while in this case including the heart rate monitor on the rear.  There are 4 slots and including a clear ID holder and a large pocket for cash and other small folded up items.

Your S5 will be protected very well if you do drop it, as there’s two durable materials in play.  The only thing you really have to worry about is the front flip opening up mid drop which is going to expose your display to potentially get cracked on pavement.

This is a good pickup for the price, especially for the unique styling.  There’s only a few left in stock because they presumably sell very well, so get one pronto!

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