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Griffin has been an immensely popular brands for all sorts of mobile cases and accessories, and the Survivor is their most rugged model to date.  They have now brought the case to Galaxy S5 and it retains all of its hallmark features and makes some design choices that accommodate the new features of the Galaxy S5 including the fingerprint scanner.  You can check these out on Griffin’s official site or on Amazon with free shipping deals.  


The Griffin Survivor is built very similarly to the OtterBox Defender, and the only real difference is that the Defender is a little more thin and uses a different type of silicone for the shock dampening aspect of the case.  The way the holster and belt clip attach is also a little different, as the Survivor uses less material and mounts via top and bottom arms as opposed to a large tray that the whole case clicks into.

In its own right, though, the Survivor protects extremely well and is nearly impervious to any kind of physical abuse that would stem from impacts and pressure.  It’s not completely waterproof, but the plugs and makeup of the case prevent dust, rain, and light splashes of water from seeping inside similar to the phone’s own native protections.

The polycarbonate used by Griffin is touted as being shatter-resistant, which is important when withstanding heavy outside forces.  The silicone is great for initial jolts and shocks, but the polycarbonate plays a key role in maintaining the structural rigidity of the case under duress.

The built-in screen protector does a great job shielding your display against scratches and other light damage, and has little to no bearing on multitouch functionality.  There is a very slight gap between the screen protector and the display, but you do get used to it and the protection it affords you makes it worthwhile in our opinion.

If your Galaxy S5 flips out of your hand or falls from most reasonable heights, it will definitely just bounce and we can’t imagine any damage occurring unless it’s extreme… like the top of a parking garage or building, but even then the damage would be minimal purely based on the thickness of the silicone used.  The trade-off, obviously, is the size of the case.  You won’t be easily placing it into your pocket, especially if you love your skinny jeans, but the belt clip and holster included make up for that.

Overall, the price is exactly in line with what you’d expect from this sort of case and its protection, and if you’re serious about keeping your Galaxy S5 safe in nearly any environment including construction, this is a great alternative and perhaps slightly more protective than OtterBox’s Defender series which come in at the same exact price.  There’s not many more cases out there this protective, period.

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Galaxy S5 Griffin Survivor Rugged CaseGalaxy S5 Griffin Survivor Rugged Case

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