Incipio is one of the premium US-based case manufacturers, designing and making cases for several mobile electronics for years, and their new lineup of cases are now available for the Galaxy S5.  One of the standout cases in terms of originality is the STOWAWAY, which is a rugged hybrid case that has a rear compartment for safe storage of your credit cards.  You can check these out in four different colors on Incipio’s site.


The STOWAWAY, at its core, is a very protective hybrid case consisting of Incipio’s own Plextonium and Flex2O materials, which are enhanced iterations of polycarbonate and TPU, respectively.  The company set out to create a case that was equally protective as it is useful, and to do so they have incorporated a rear compartment on the rear of the case to store up to three credit cards and/or IDs.  In doing so, no protection was compromised and you also get a nifty kickstand out of the feature.

Inside the soft, inner portion of the case is a honeycomb pattern which ensures heat is properly dissipated from your Galaxy S5, and the pattern is also deep enough that it does a little shock absorbing as well in the event of an accident or drop.  There is an obvious opening in the back of the case as well to accommodate your credit cards, and Incipio includes a rear protective film to ensure the back of your Galaxy S5 doesn’t get scuffed up by your cards.

The Plextonium portion of the case covers the entire back, adding an extra layer of shock absorption and extra rigidity to the overall stability of the case in the event of outside pressure or forces.  This is also where the compartment lies, which easily pulls out with a fingernail.  When you’re sitting at your desk or otherwise stationary, the compartment door can prop your Galaxy S5 up into the landscape orientation so you can kick back and watch Netflix, YouTube, or other sorts of content.

With both the Plextonium and Flex2O in play, your Galaxy S5 will be extremely secure if you do drop it, and the front lip protrudes out just slightly to create a decent clearance between your display and any flat surface it lands on or you set it on.

Incipio stands firmly behind their products as evidenced by the Lifetime Warranty they offer, and in the event of a defect they will gladly assist you with getting you fixed up.

We strongly recommend checking this case out, especially if you like to travel light and don’t care for the design of traditional leather wallet cases.

Check Out Incipio’s Site!


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