Ionic Designer CONTOUR Flip Case

Ionic has developed one of the better-priced flip case options for the Galaxy S5, and they’re available in both Black and Red.    Flip cases are a great option for your new phone because they give you full 360 degree protection, including the screen.  And because these cases are designed specifically for the Galaxy S5, you get complete use of all the features and ports while inside the case


Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger in the screen column, and with that comes a greater responsibility to protect it.  Samsung was the first company to introduce flip covers for their Galaxy S and Note lineup of smartphones, and since then they have evolved into cases.  Before, they’d attach via a battery door replacement with the cover connected to it, but now companies like Ionic are selling cases which attach that cover to a case that’s protective and good in its own right.  In the case of the Designer CONTOUR, the flip cover attaches to a TPU case that easily envelops your Galaxy S5.

Inside the flip cover portion of the case are two slots that can store a small amount of cash and an ID or credit card.  The interior is lined with a soft material that will also prevent scratching on your screen while the lid is shut.  An earpiece hole is also cut out of the top, allowing you to take phone calls with the flip shut once you answer it.

Protection-wise, you get similar protection on the rear and sides of your Galaxy S5 as you would with a TPU case.  The material is great for shock absorption but lacking with outside pressure like being stepped or sat upon.  When the cover is shut, you obviously get scratch protection and a layer of synthetic leather between the elements and your gorgeous 5.1″ screen.

The price on this case right now is absolutely great, and offers good utility and protection for the cost.  Keep in mind though, that this case doesn’t form into a stand.  For something like that, you’ll want to check into a Galaxy S5 Wallet Case.

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Ionic Designer CONTOUR Flip Case Ionic Designer CONTOUR Flip Case Ionic Designer CONTOUR Flip Case (Red) Ionic Designer CONTOUR Flip Case (Red)

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