KAVAJ Miami Genuine Leather Pouches

A lot of people prefer pouches over cases, and one of the nicest pouches currently out is the Miami Genuine Leather pouches which are out courtesy of KAVAJ.  These pouches are high quality and also utilize a pull tab, magnets, and rear pockets for your cards and cash.  These are currently available to order in Black and Cognac Brown.  


So why do people prefer pouches to cases?  A pouch is the best protection you can have for your Galaxy S5 without weighing it down with a somewhat permanently affixed case.  While inside the pouch, your phone will have complete protection from all angles.  When you use the phone, you have nothing on the phone weighing it down or adding bulk, letting you operate the device just as Samsung intended.

Some people have said pouches are a bit of a nuisance, but with the Miami from KAVAJ, this is simply not the case.  The best feature of this pouch besides the high quality, genuine leather, is the pull tab.  The pull tab allows you to easily pull your device out without having to dig your fingers in to pry it out.  When you put your phone back in, the tab goes down with it, sitting flush into the case itself.

On the rear of this pouch are also pockets which allow you to stick some cash or cards inside to take the place of your wallet.

Now, back to the leather.  The genuine leather is extremely thin and light, and really turns this into one of the nicest pouches out.  It’s not overly thick, so the thinness of your Galaxy S5 can still be appreciated even while it’s inside.  It takes a couple of days for the leather to break in and perfectly conform to your Galaxy S5, so keep that in mind.  When your S5 is inside, the tab locks down over it via magnets that make sure it doesn’t accidentally open up and send your precious phone crashing to the ground.  That won’t be happening with this pouch.

Overall, this is — so far — the finest Galaxy S5 pouch we’ve seen.  It’s also available at a great price and if you want the highest quality for your new device, check this one out!

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