KAYSCASE Slim Soft Gel Covers

KAYSCASE has distributed several minimalistic cases for a wide variety of devices, and they have just started shipping out their new case for the Galaxy S5.  Their Slim Soft Gel covers are available in a pretty palette of colors including Light Blue, Purple, and Pink, and also include popular neutrals Black and White.  You can currently order yours today and get them shipped out very quickly.  


Soft Gel covers are definitely the most basic types of cases available for any device, and they are a single step above basic hard cases.  With these soft gel cases from KAYSCASE, you get your choice of several colors that are geared more towards the ladies or guys in tune with their feminine sides, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

There are cutouts that accommodate all of the features of the Galaxy S5, including enough clearance on the front lip for you to slide your finger on the new scanner.  There’s also cutouts for the rear camera and speaker and more than enough clearance on the bottom for the new USB 3.0 port.  On the sides of the case are buttons designed into the TPU itself for easy pressing.

Installing and removing the case is pretty straight-forward, as the material is just malleable enough to be taken off and put on with relative ease.  I recommend doing this every now and then to clear dirt and other gunk that usually gets trapped underneath the front lip.  After awhile, this can get funky and even leave fine scratches on your phone’s housing.  The TPU, however, holds up well over time and shouldn’t become loose or floppy.  If something ever does malfunction with the case, KAYSCASE stands behind it with a Lifetime Warranty, which is awesome for a case.

In terms of protection, the case is not really meant to be super rugged, and while it’ll protect against most drops, dropping is not something you’d want to do too often.  The TPU is excellent for shock dampening, but your phone would still get shook up and will not resist extreme pressure and force which is something a hybrid case offers protection against via its polycarbonate component.

Overall, the price of the case is not very impressive, but the value comes from the Lifetime Warranty.  KAYSCASE customer service is very good though, and you can rest easy with the case if this is the company you decide to go with.  There are similar cases out there for fractions of the price, but the customer service and warranty will be nearly non-existent.

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