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It’s been teased for quite a while now, and we’re pleased to announce that the Galaxy S5 LifeProof case is now available, and it’s called the frē.  LifeProof currently makes some of the only, if not the only, completely submersible Galaxy S5 cases, so this one may definitely be of interest to you.  You can currently order yours now in either Black or White.   


For quite some time now, LifeProof has been behind some of the best completely waterproof cases for the hottest phones from Apple and Samsung.  While other waterproof cases are extremely bulky and even limit the capabilities of your device while in use, LifeProof came up with their own technique to make great submersible cases that maintain functionality for your device.  Even though the company was purchased by OtterBox over a year ago, the LifeProof brand has remained intact and their products are as good as ever.

A few months ago we knew that the LifeProof case for the Galaxy S5 was coming, and now it’s finally here.  Even though the Galaxy S5 is waterproof, it’s not exactly trusted to be submersible, which is the main benefit the LifeProof frē is going to offer you.  Not only is the frē going to keep liquid intrusions from occurring, but it also does a pretty decent job at shock absorption from drops and falls as well.

With the frē model, there is a screen built into the front of the case which keep water out and also protects your screen from getting scratched.  Again, Samsung has taken steps to prevent damage from occurring to the screen without a case because of the hardened glass polymer they use, but it’s still possible that sand and fine dirt can leave fine scratches in the screen, so it’s definitely not invincible.

The LifeProof frē goes together via a front and rear piece that snap and lock together via a sealing along all the edges.  The case is locked together via a latch that closes and seals over the bottom charging port, and there’s also a 3.5mm headphone plug that screws in as well.

There’s always a chance that something could have gotten messed up during manufacturing, so LifeProof recommends placing a paper towel inside the case and sealing it then running it under water to make sure there are no cracks or seams in the case.  If there is, you can easily get it replaced by calling the number on that card that’s in the packaging.

Once it’s on, you’re set and won’t ever need to really take the case apart.  There are currently some customers stating that there can sometimes be an echo effect heard while talking on the phone in the case, and LifeProof is replacing affected models, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

The price on LifeProof cases have always been in the upper range, but for good reason.  There’s no other cases, including the OtterBox cases, which are truly submersible.  If you plan on using your phone underwater, or are at the beach or on the boat a lot, the LifeProof remains the best option for you.

You can get yours in either Black or White!

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    • Mike

      There’s nowhere for a lanyard on this case unfortunately. Both slots at the bottom corners are for prying the case open. The best case that’s waterproof for a lanyard is $10 more and it’s the OtterBox Preserver which has a lanyard slot on the bottom corner.

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  1. Cary D.

    I was pleased with everything about this case until I made a call. Person I called couldn’t hear a thing. Even called my second phone and left a message to test it. Could barely make it out. Tried without the case and there was no problem. Tried to clear the mic port baffle as suggested on the website, but it didn’t work.

    Left a review on their website describing the problem. It is “pending moderation” so it remains to be seen if it gets posted. Hopefully they will fix this problem. I am a law enforcement officer who works in humid a humid marine environment. I really need the kind of protection this case claims to offer. Other than not being able to use my phone as a phone while in the case, it’s great.

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    • Rebecca

      I’m having the same problems. It’s an amazing case but people can’t hear me. I can hear them just fine, but they (people on other end of conversation ) ALL say I sound “muffled” or like I’m “gargling” or even “distorted.”

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  2. Rebecca

    This case is amazing with durability, size weights and look. My case has SERIOUS problems with others hearing me. I have to pop open the charge port or I sound “muffled ” “distorted ” “echoed” and sometimes “every other word” as all of my friends or family have mentioned at least one of these sound quality problems. I paid a pretty penny for these new cases and I ant what they promised. I have seen a lot of reviews noting the same issue and want it resolved. Until, then I would like to return my case. Other than this problem ( a very serious one, however because I use my phone for business as well as personal) these cases are spectacular.

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  3. Lorna G. McCloud

    I bought two of these cases for almost $90.00 apiece and both of them make the phones unusable as far as talking on them. Each case makes the audio so distorted the cases are unusable. If we drop it we’re good, otherwise it has been a waste of money. Please fix this issue or text me a remedy. Thank you.

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  4. john schultz

    I have a galaxy s5 lifeproof case and have trouble hearing and being muffled sounding to whoever I’m talking to. I’ve tried everything to make sure it’s securely in the case. Still having this problem. How do I know or who do I contact to get a replacement case? Or is that even a possibility? Thanks,

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