Logitech Announces protection [+] Cases

Logitech has just debuted a brand new lineup of rugged Galaxy S5 cases they call protection [+], which are essentially very unique designed hybrid cases that are available in a few different colors and offer some MILSPEC protection for your device.  They’re currently listed on Logitech’s official site for $34.99.

Some of the features that Logitech designed into this case are shock absorbent corners which are fortified a little more so than the TPR material itself that makes up the bulk of the cases.  With these in place, the company says the shock sustained on a corner will be displaced throughout the entire case, minimizing potential damage risks.  There are also impact channels along the rear which also absorb the shock from drops and falls.  Inside the case is also a hidden metal plate for addition Logitech [+] accessories.

Logitech lists the protection [+] as MIL STD 810 G, which is designated for cases which can withstand drops from 1.8m high.

We’ll have a proper review up very shortly!

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