Moon Monkey Folio Case with Intelligent Window

You have to get behind a case named Moon Monkey, and there’s a lot more to this case than a fancy name.  These Moon Monkey Leather Folio Covers include an Intelligent Window for quick access to your notifications and other vital information and they’re currently available to buy in several different colors including Champagne, Black, Blue, Green, and Red (which kind of looks more like Pink).   


The Moon Monkey Folio Galaxy S5 Cases are definitely some of the most colorful folio cases available, and they give your device the same amount of additional functionality as other similar cases and some.  These cases incorporate an Intelligent Window, which is similar to the S-View Window that Samsung popularized last year with the Galaxy S4.  The Intelligent Window allows you to quickly access your vital notifications and alerts without having the lift the entire flip cover.  There’s also a cutout on the flip cover for your earpiece, allowing you to talk on the phone without opening the flip and potentially smearing face grease, sweat, or make-up on your Galaxy S5’s display.

The case is actually comprised of a high quality, polyurethane leather material.  There are accurate cutouts over all of the buttons and ports of the Galaxy S5 as well, allowing for complete functionality while encased.  Your device is held in place with a polycarbonate shell that’s fused to the folio case.  A magnetic latch reaches across from the back to the flip cover to keep it shut during transport or while it’s in your bag or pocket.

Finally, it’s also important to note that this case incorporates a stand, allowing you to set your Galaxy S5 up in the horizontal orientation for watching Hulu+ or Netflix while kicked back and relaxed.

Dropping your phone while in this case should be pretty safe considering there’s both a PU leather material and polycarbonate shell protecting your device.

The Moon Monkey Folio Covers are a great alternative to the S-View cases at little bit lesser of a price and with a lot more gaudy colors available.  While there are lower priced alternatives, you won’t be able to get these colors anywhere else (for now).

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