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The Mophie Galaxy S5 Juice Pack is finally here, and with it comes an excellent case that’s built very well and a battery that nearly doubles your charge. Mophie is one of the most popular battery case manufacturers out, and for good reason.


 Case Review

If you’re unfamiliar with a battery case, or you’ve just learned about them, you’re really in for a treat. The battery life on most smartphones today is somewhat lacking, and if you’re a power user you may need to recharge before your day is even over with.

To combat this, companies started developing batteries into specially designed cases. Even though the Galaxy S5 has a removeable battery, it’s kind of inconvenient to be lugging around a spare battery with you all day. Enter: the Mophie Juice Pack.

Mophie makes some of the most popular battery cases, and you can usually find their products in most retail stores because of their quality and one year warranty. Mophie’s Juice Pack for the Galaxy S5 is just as good, offering a 3,000mAh battery in an exceptionally thin case.

Typically, battery cases can get pretty thick, but Mophie has minimized their case as much as possible while also fitting in the massive battery.

When you put this case on your Galaxy S5, it’ll start feeding from the case when it needs to. There are LEDs on the case itself which display the charge of the embedded battery.

When you utilize the Mophie, it’ll be charged via micro USB, and they’ve also included a cable to get you started.


If you drop your Galaxy S5 while in the Juice Pack, it’s a possibility the case itself might get dinged up a bit, but the railing system of the case will prevent the case from just flying apart.

The Mophie is a lot more secure than some other battery cases which easily get chipped and don’t go back on right after a serious accident.

I wouldn’t necessarily label this a “rugged” case, but it’s protective enough to prevent major damage from occurring to your phone from most common accidents.


 Thin for a battery case


 Kind of pricey

 Final Thoughts

Overall, the Mophie remains to be the most premium battery case out and it’s nice to see it finally available for the Galaxy S5. It is definitely a little more costly than other battery cases out, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality and product support from the company.

If you’re serious about getting an excellent quality battery case, Mophie is the best best.

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