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The New Trent Trentius   is an awesome new Galaxy S5 case that is extremely rugged and packed with features and carries a very low price tag considering the quality of the product.


 Case Review

The egotistically named Trentius from New Trent is a case that sets out to offer excellent protection at an equally excellent price. Comprised of a hardened polycarbonate frame with a thick TPU element, the two materials combine to create a very rugged Galaxy S5 case that can stand up to nearly anything.

To bring things a step further, New Trent has also implement port plugs and a built-in screen protector which make the case waterproof and combined with the Galaxy S5’s native waterproofing make it almost invincible.

Typically, companies will sell different colors of case, but New Trent has decided to include all three colors: Silver, Black, and Gold with each case, which is definitely a very friendly gesture.

The size is also relatively small considering the protective qualities, and the company says their case will only add about 5mm of thickness. You also retain complete access to buttons and ports while it’s protected.

The only thing this case is missing, unfortunately, is a belt clip or holster, even if optional.


If you drop your Galaxy S5 while in the Trentius, I can’t imagine anything major ever happening to it unless it’s from the top of a skyscraper or something. It protects every single millimeter of your Galaxy S5 including the ports and screen and it’s thick enough to absorb most shock from falls and drops.


 Extremely good value
 Extremely protective
 Holds up really well
 Includes all 3 colors


 Screen protector shows scratches

 Final Thoughts

The Trentius is one of the best rugged cases we’ve seen for the Galaxy S5, and the low price tag is also among the best. Similar cases will run over double the price sometimes, so it’s huge to see this much protection with such a low price tag. The fact that New Trent includes each color with a single purchase is just the icing on the cake with this Galaxy S5 case. You should definitely go check these out!

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Screen Protector?

Hybrid Case
New Trent
Port plugs, Waterproof
10 Month
Black, Gold, Silver

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New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5New Trent Trentius for the Galaxy S5

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