Nillkin Hard Shield Covers

Nillkin makes a wide variety of budget-conscious cases, and is one of the more popular Chinese manufacturers of cases because of their unique aesthetic and quality.  They also make some of the best, minimalistic hard cases that have stand-out colors and great texture for gripping.  You can currently order it in four different colors including Gold, Cloud White, Elegant Black, or Lipstick Red   or on eBay.


As far as hard, polycarbonate cases go, Nillkin makes one of the higher quality options.  The material used is extremely lightweight, yet still strong enough to hold its own from most accidents and even a tad bit of abuse.  There’s not much the company can do to help amplify your Galaxy S5 experience and increase its safety from just a single sheet of material, but they’ve definitely made due.  The first thing they’ve done is utilize a very fine pattern on the rear of the case that assists greatly in grip which means less slipping out of your hands.

To help increase the longevity of the case, they’ve also used a UV resistant paint that holds up to being left out in the sun for extended periods of times, which in turn also helps maintain the structural integrity of the case itself.  Nillkin advertises this case as being shatter-proof, which means it will hold up from pretty much any drops but it’s still possible to snap it in half so don’t go ham on it.  You can also expect to have ample access to your volume buttons and power button via wide cutouts.  The entire top and bottom of the case is left open too, so you shouldn’t have any issues with bigger headphone plugs or docks.  Qi wireless charging is also a go with the proper adapters for your Galaxy S5.

Nillkin is also nice enough to include a complimentary screen protector which is cut specifically for the Galaxy S5’s 5.1″ screen.

If you’re someone who prefers a very minimal case for your devices to maintain their natural design, Nillkin is one of the go-to companies for the task.  The price and quality of their hard cases are a very good match, but don’t expect the case to protect against more extreme abuses.

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