Noreve Tradition B

Noreve, located in the heart of France, is one of the premier manufacturers of luxury tablet and mobile phone cases, and they have just released their first case for the Galaxy S5.  You can currently customize your own Tradition B case at their official website and experience what a luxury leather case has to offer.


In a market dominated by “leather”cases which utilize polyurethane or other synthetic materials, Noreve is a breath of fresh air.  They are currently one of the only companies which use fine, genuine leather for their cases and the quality is apparent when side-by-side with faux leather cases.  Noreve makes luxury cases, and once you hold one of them in your hands you know right away that it’s quality that you’re holding.  The leather on these cases is extremely soft, and the padding inserted inside the leather drastically reduces any amount of damage that could occur because of a drop or accident.

With the Tradition B, Noreve has created a Galaxy S5 Wallet Case which provides all the basic amenities that other cases in its class offer including a kickstand, a magnetic clasp to keep the flip shut, and slots for ID cards or credit cards and even cash.  Your Galaxy S5 is held firmly in place by molded leather and a thermoplastic polymer inner structure at each of the four corners, protecting the most vulnerable parts of your S5’s housing.  This is going to great reduce any risk of your screen shattering in the event of a drop.

While encased, you’ll also retain complete functionality from your buttons and ports, including the Heart Rate Monitor and Fingerprint Scanner.  There’s a speaker grille built into the rear of the case and the earpiece, further protecting these two components and allowing you to take phone calls without having to open the flip cover up.

On the interior of the case is a Noreve pattern which helps dissipate heat which can build up during prolonged use, and also gives the case a distinct design even though not many people will see it.  When your kickstand is not in use, it fits securely back in its groove and doesn’t come open unless you want it to be.

If you drop your S5 while in this case, there’s not much that can happen to it as it has ample padding thanks to the leather, padding, and inner structure.  Combined with the native water resilience of the Galaxy S5, your device is extremely safe in this case.

There are several ways to customize your own Tradition B case, including several colors, leather styles, patterns, glossiness, and much more.  All of these can be browsed through at Noreve’s official site.

Customize Yours at Noreve’s Official Store!


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