Noreve Tradition C Leather Sleeve

In terms of high quality leather, Noreve stands on the forefront when it comes to leather sourcing and build quality.  While they definitely sell some of the most popular leather flip cases for tons of mobile electronics, they also make some very high quality sleeves that cost a little less but are equal in quality to their other offerings and are just as customizable.  Check out the Tradition C Leather Sleeves on their official site and customize the style and color of yours.


Sleeves are definitely the most minimalistic solution you can find for protecting your Galaxy S5, and with modern sleeves from the likes of Noreve, you don’t sacrifice much in terms of usability while it’s inside.  With the Tradition C, Noreve has designed and crafted a solution that takes sleeves to a whole new level.  Rather than just be a solid pocket, there are three design decisions the French-based company made to optimize your experience while also completely protecting your S5.

On the top of the sleeve is a notification LED opening, which will allow you to see that you have missed alerts while your phone is protected.  Next to that hole is an opening that’s wide and deep enough to get a firm grip on your Galaxy S5 in order to pull it out while you’re ready to use it.  The opening also completely exposes your earpiece, which means you can talk on your phone while it’s slid all the way into the case.  On the rear of the sleeve is also a grated opening for your rear speaker so your sound is not obscured whether you have a call on speakerphone or you’re just streaming music from Spotify.

These sleeves are handstitched immaculately as well, which is going to greatly increase their longevity.  There’s no loose ends or errors in the stitching which is common on mass-produced cases.

The leather is pretty rigid, so it’ll definitely absorb a lot of shock from a drop or fall and when your S5 is tucked all the way inside there is excess leather at the top to protect your device from making direct contact with the asphalt or whatever else it could be dropped on.

The amount of customizing available on these sleeves is also outrageous.  You can choose from tens of different colors and leather types, including shiny, rough, smooth, reptilian, and much more.  Each option comes with its own set of colors that you can choose from.

Noreve ships to most places in the world for free and accept most types of currency, so it should be no problem customizing and getting your hands on one of these sleeves unless you live in Antarctica.  Check out their official site and get yours ordered today!

Customize Yours at Noreve’s Official Store!


Noreve Tradition C Leather Galaxy S5 Sleeve Noreve Tradition C Leather Galaxy S5 Sleeve Noreve Tradition C Leather Galaxy S5 Sleeve Noreve Tradition C Leather Galaxy S5 Sleeve

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