OtterBox Commuter Case

A lot of times, you may prefer a slimmer, lighter solution that still does an excellent job protecting against most day-to-day accidents and drops and still fit in your pocket easily.  With the Commuter Series, OtterBox created a hybrid case comprised of a TPU skin core and a light polycarbonate exoskeleton that is currently available to order in a range of different colors.   


The Commuter may be OtterBox’s most popular offering, judging by the responses of retail stores across the nation.  The OtterBox brand name is very strong and the included screen protector is the icing on the cake.  The Commuter was one of the first cases of its type, and its design has been largely copied and emulated with various other types of cases.

The foundation of the Commuter is its silicone skin, which is moderately rigid, but not as firm as Spigen’s TPU material.  The corners are more rounded off as well, which is contrast the sharpened edges of Spigen’s Slim Armor and Tough Armor cases.  Once the skin is on, the polycarbonate shell fits on snugly around it, using the protruding buttons in the skin to keep itself together.  Together, the two components work in concert to shield your Galaxy S5 from falling damage and other outside forces, impacts, and other light violence.

Optionally, OtterBox also includes a high quality, adhesive screen protector which fits across nearly the entire face of your Galaxy S5, and not just the rectangular screen itself.  While its use is optional, it’s nice of the company to include the protector, and it’s thick enough to protect a lot better than some cheaper alternatives which are available separately.  The front lip of the TPU skin also protrudes out enough to keep your screen from making direct contact with any flat surface it sets on.

If you were to drop your Galaxy S5 while in the OtterBox Commuter, it should be safe as it’s designed for those sorts of accidents.

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Galaxy S5 Commuter Series OtterBox CaseGalaxy S5 Commuter Series OtterBox Case Galaxy S5 Commuter Series OtterBox Case (Blue) Galaxy S5 Commuter Series OtterBox Case (White) Galaxy S5 Commuter Series OtterBox Case (Pink)

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  1. Dan King

    Do you know of belt clip accessory for otterbox commuter series for galaxy 5.
    Wife has commuter series with credit card compartment, but we aren’t finding belt clip for it for galaxy 5

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