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Update 7/29/14: NOW ON SALE!

The OtterBox Preserver for the Galaxy S5 is finally available to purchase and it’s definitely the best rugged case currently out.  It’s extremely durable and can withstand nearly any sort of impact and it can also be dunked in up to 6 feet of water and still keep your phone completely safe.  These are currently on sale at Amazon!


The fruits of OtterBox’s acquisition of LifeProof has finally begun to yield some promise, as the Preserver has borrowed some of the waterproofing technology that made LifeProof cases among the best.  Now, that technology has been joined with OtterBox’s knack for nearly indestructible cases and has culminated in the Preserver for the Galaxy S5, the most durable and rugged case we’ve ever seen.

The Preserver consists of two halves, a front and rear piece, that securely snap together around your Galaxy S5.  Inside this case is also padding which will make sure your Galaxy S5 remains in place and doesn’t wiggle around and also gives extra shock-dampening support.  The main difference between the LifeProof and this OtterBox is the increased protection added for drop and impact resistance, and it works extremely well to give you an all-inclusive protective solution.

The Preserver is rated at IP-X8, which means it can be put into 6.6 feet of water for 30 minutes and not let any liquid come into contact with your S5.  To pull this feat off, the company also installed a built-in screen protector that still allows your fingerprint scanner to work and adds even more scratch protection to your already scratch-resistant display.  It’s also dust-resistant with a rating of IP-6X.

The USB 3.0 charging port at the bottom of your phone is got to via a plug and latch which does require a special tool to open when you’re ready to charge, and that’s probably the only downside to this case.  The tool can be attached to your Preserver case via an included lanyard and lanyard hole on the bottom corner of the case.

The Preserver is a little thicker than LifeProof’s cases, but the increased drop protection more than makes up for that fact.  I cannot foresee any type of accident causing any sort of damage to your S5 while it’s protected in this beast of a case.

I definitely recommend picking up a Preserver if you’ve been looking for a completely waterproof case.  It’s 10 extra dollars over the LifeProof, but the amount of protection it adds is worth way more than that.  You don’t get a belt clip like you do with the OtterBox Defender, though, which is the only other thing that could possibly make this case a better value.

Get a Preserver on OtterBox’s Website!


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    • Mike

      I did not experience nor have I heard of any echoing problems with the Preserver for the Galaxy S5…

      You might be thinking the LifeProof, which we warn about the echo in.

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  1. Megan

    I’ve been searching for some information, was hoping someone could help. I can’t find any information about the durability of preserver as compared to the defender. I’ve seen the defender on an s5…it’s a tough case! Is the preserver just the defender but with water protection? Kind of a fre/defender hybrid? Or am I missing something? I get the impression maybe the preserver isn’t as durable since they don’t discuss it much in the description the way they do defender. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate some info!

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    • Mike

      The Preserver is not as rugged as the Defender when it comes to pressure, impact, and force. The Defender is built with a really hard shell and a thick silicone skin that goes on around it. With the Preserver, you just have a kind of bendable, plastic shell that has a lot more “give” in it.

      Drop protection and getting sat on or “smooshed” will be better guarded with the Defender. You basically have two layers of protection with the Defender as opposed to one with the Preserver. The Preserver is air-tight though, so it’s waterproof.

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      • Megan

        Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I haven’t been able to see the preserver in the store, so I’ve been going off photos online. Your information was very helpful. The info online is a bit misleading – it says it’s has drop protection up to 6.6 feet but I think my chances of dropping/smooshing/smashing/crushing are much higher than my chances to dropping it in water (famous last words, right?). I think I’ll go with the defender and get the added protection. My husband has the s5 with the defender and it’s great!

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        • Mike

          The Preserver does have a little bit of drop protection, but not nearly as much as the Defender. 6.6 feet is probably true, but I’ve known people who’ve dropped their phones in Defenders from very, very high up and they’ve been fine. 🙂

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  2. Rowli

    Hi Mike..
    i’m looking for a quality case for my S5 with a lanyard attachment as I do a lot bod rock scrambling..looking for fossils and photography. Does not have to be waterproof.
    Please can you help.

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    • Mike

      This case (the Preserver) is really good for that because it’s light and has the lanyard. If you drop it from really high up though, you’re going to be in trouble. If you’re absolutely sure the lanyard will stay attached to you, the OtterBox Preserver here is good.

      Element Case also makes all of their Galaxy S5 cases with lanyards included, and they’re pretty rugged as well and some are a little bit lower-priced than the Preserver. You can check those out here:

      Hope this helps.

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  3. Heidi Wolff

    Does anyone know where I can get the tool for the Preserver? I have had 3 sent to me from Amazon and none of them have the tool. OtterBox doesn’t have them and they told me to use a quarter??!!

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