Thanks, MIke. I’m almost 6′ – so why risk it? …

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Thanks, MIke. I’m almost 6′ – so why risk it? Defender it is. Thanks for the help!!

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OtterBox Preserver
Thanks so much for the prompt reply! I haven’t been able to see the preserver in the store, so I’ve been going off photos online. Your information was very helpful. The info online is a bit misleading – it says it’s has drop protection up to 6.6 feet but I think my chances of dropping/smooshing/smashing/crushing are much higher than my chances to dropping it in water (famous last words, right?). I think I’ll go with the defender and get the added protection. My husband has the s5 with the defender and it’s great!

OtterBox Preserver
I’ve been searching for some information, was hoping someone could help. I can’t find any information about the durability of preserver as compared to the defender. I’ve seen the defender on an s5…it’s a tough case! Is the preserver just the defender but with water protection? Kind of a fre/defender hybrid? Or am I missing something? I get the impression maybe the preserver isn’t as durable since they don’t discuss it much in the description the way they do defender. If anyone knows, I’d appreciate some info!