Poetic AER Grip Case

As far as minimalistic, TPU cases go, Poetic has a decently designed Galaxy S5 case in the AER.  It’s currently available to order in two different colors, at an extremely low price for the time being.     When it comes to basic, light protection with minimal bulk and weight, the AER (pronounced Air) fits the bill.


Depending on several different variables, mainly personal style and work location, each person is going to have different requirements for their ideal case.  The Poetic AER for the Galaxy S5 consists mainly of a TPU material which is meant to greatly increase the impact from drops and other light abuse.  With the protruding front lip, Poetic has made the AER extremely protective versus average drops.  There’s also room to install a screen protector.

And that’s not to say it’s basic, or like other plain TPU cases, because it’s not.  Poetic has designed some of the more unique, affordable cases for several types of devices previously, and the AER is the next in their growing lineup of great products.  Along the side of these cases is a mesh bezel which assists with the overall grip and also sets a unique style that traces around the entirety of itself.

Seeing that it’s designed for the Galaxy S5, you also have all of the proper cutouts over the major components and buttons designed into the case itself.  The rear speaker and camera with the Heart Rate Monitor is also unobstructed.

Poetic set out to create a minimalistic, light, and thin case with the AER, and if you want to keep the design language of your Galaxy S5 intact in the way that Samsung set out for it to be, the AER does one of the best jobs of keeping the size similar with good protection to go with it.

Poetic offers their standard 3 year warranty on this case, which protects you from any sort of manufacturer defects that may occur (it’s rare that they do).

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