Poetic Revolution

The Revolution is Poetic‘s take on the rugged case, and they’ve now designed and developed a variant of the popular series specifically for the Galaxy S5.  Combining elements of both TPU and polycarbonate, you get maximum protection at a very affordable price.  You can get one today while they’re on sale.   


The Revolution is one of the better-designed rugged cases out for the Galaxy S5, and this isn’t a shock coming from a company like Poetic.  Having a truly rugged case for any device is going to require several materials and components at play, which the company has recognized and incorporated into their Revolution case.  The case is comprised of both TPU and polycarbonate, and also fuses a built-in screen protector that will prevent any major scratching from occurring on your device’s 5.1″ screen.  This is a far more protective option than an adhesive screen protector.

There are also port covers and buttons designed into the case itself, which will keep random dirt, grime, and light liquid splashes from seeping into your phone’s housing and possibly frying something.  While there’s openings over the rear speaker and camera, as well as other various places on the face of the phone, Poetic also lets the Galaxy S5’s natural water resistance go to work guarding those other areas in order to maintain complete functionality of your device while encased.

Poetic has also made sure to create a clearance underneath the Home button, allowing you to easily swipe your finger down the Fingerprint Scanner without bumping into the front lip.

This case is pretty solid, and pretty much drop proof.  The TPU is thick enough to absorb most of the impact from a drop under the weight of the Galaxy S5, and the polycarbonate is thick enough to keep the entire case rigid and keep it from bending or buckling under pressure which could damage your device.

For the low price, this is one of the better values out for a case of this protective level.  The design is a little loud, and the Poetic logo is very “in your face”, but the price makes it all worth your while.

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