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Go Beyond Your Power is PowerBear’s slogan, and it’s pretty apt for a battery case in our opinions.  Their Galaxy S5 battery case does indeed allow you to power your S5 beyond the capacity of the OEM battery to the tune of an extra 3500 mAh, and there’s also a few bells and whistles thrown in to load this case out in features and functionality.  You can currently order this case in either Black   or Blue.  


PowerBear’s Galaxy S5 Battery Case is a moderately priced case when compared to other similar devices in its class.  It’s loaded with features including a kickstand, LED power indicators, a power button, a 3500 mAh battery, and dual-charging capability.

What’s most astonishing to us about this case is how small it is, as it’s nowhere near as bulky as some other battery case.  The battery is no slouch either, coming in at 120% the capacity of your original battery for what PowerBear claims as 10 extra hours of usage from your Galaxy S5.

PowerBear is able to pull off the incredibly slim design by replacing the battery door on your Galaxy S5, which is pretty good but will definitely remove the waterproof capabilities of your device.  

On the rear of this case is a power button as well as LED indicators that will reflect the battery life of your PowerBear case.  There’s also a kickstand which is great for setting your Galaxy S5 up into the landscape orientation, allowing you to kick back and watch some videos or other sorts of content.  There’s also a grid of small perforations on the rear the help with overall grip of the unit as well as give it a unique styling.

Protection-wise, the PowerBear is decent, but it doesn’t offer much in the way of shock absorption.  It’s essentially a polycarbonate case, and there’s not much clearance between your screen and the front lip so I wouldn’t trust dropping your phone while in this case.  This case is really intended to firmly secure the battery pack to your phone and not much more, but it will still protect somewhat against light drops and scratching, but don’t expect anything miraculous in the event of a catastrophic accident.

A micro USB cable will be how you charge this case, which will carry the current through to your original Galaxy S5 battery as well.  It appears that this case does not include a micro USB cable, so make sure you pick one of those up as well unless you already have one laying around, which you probably do if you’ve purchased any other phone besides an iPhone in the past 4 or 5 years.

If you’re looking for a battery case, the PowerBear may not be the most protective but it’s definitely the thinnest.  If size is the primary concern for you with a battery case, the PowerBear is a good choice.  The battery isn’t the largest or the protection isn’t the best but the price is about right.  It’s definitely worth a look-see.

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