Ringke has released their extremely popular FUSION bumper case for the Galaxy S5, and it has the same build quality that we’re used to seeing from the company.  While not a pure bumper that leaves the rear of your device completely exposed, a clear backplate pulls off the illusion quite well and Ringke now has these available to order in several different colors including Clear, Champagne, Black, Navy Blue, and Mint, and they’re currently deeply discounted for the time being.  


Over the past year or so, Ringke’s FUSION case has steadily become one of the most popular bumper cases with great offerings for the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, and Galaxy S4.  They’ve now brought the popular case to the Galaxy S5 in a whole suite of colors that will match pretty much any of the Galaxy S5 colors currently out.  The FUSION is not a traditional bumper in the sense that it purely protects the sides of your device.  Instead, it gives coverage to the rear of your Galaxy S5 with the proper cutouts and a very reinforced bumper area that does an awesome job protecting against falls and drops.

The backplate isn’t just a regular piece of plastic either.  Ringke has coated it with a scratch-resistant coating that also repels dust and dirt, leaving the back crystal clear and allowing the cool design of your Galaxy S5’s battery cover to shine through.  A lot of cheaper cases end up looking a little dingy after extended use and the scuffs and scratches dull them down very quickly.  The FUSION will not be having that problem.  You can also design your own backplate insert that will completely customize the look of your case and S5.

Ringke has also incorporated their Active Touch buttons into the bumper portion of the case.  This makes it much easier to press the volume and power buttons.  With some other cases, there can be a little bit of a break-in period or it’s just overall harder to push them in.  That is not the case with this one.

Finally, as a token of gratitude and to add value to your purchase, Ringke also includes of their HD screen protectors which if you use it, will have your Galaxy S5 completely covered with protection.

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Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 (Navy)Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 (Black) Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 (Champagne) Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 (Clear) Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 (Mint)

Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5 Ringke FUSION for Galaxy S5

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