Samsung S-View Flip Cover

The S-View Flip Cover was originally introduced by Samsung for the Galaxy S4 last year, and because of its popularity and success, it was a no-brainer to bring an updated version to the Galaxy S5.  It’s currently available to order for a little bit of a discount too.  


So the official S-View Cover for the Galaxy S5 differs a little bit than other Galaxy S5 Flip Cover Cases, in that instead of clipping on around the rear of your device, it actually takes the place of your existing battery door.  Because of this, the existing perforated door is replaced with a leather-like door which will kind of make your Galaxy S5 look like a Note 3.  Don’t worry either, because the battery door will still keep your Galaxy S5 water-resistant and dust-proof.

So, aesthetically we know the back is now different, but it’s what’s attached to this battery door that’s important.  The S-View Flip Cover neatly folds around to the front of your device, protecting the screen with a full cover with a window with its own plastic window built in.  You also have a perfect cutout at the top of the flip for your earpiece, allowing you to hear on the phone with the flip closed shut.

The S-View window gives you a lot of different functionality, and Samsung has catered a lot of the UI of the Galaxy S5 to work specifically with this window.  You can take calls and pictures without opening the flip, which is very useful for doing these common actions extremely quickly.  The window shows you missed notifications, time, incoming call information, weather, your wallpaper, S Health information, and more.  You can accept the calls through the window via a specially designed incoming call interface.

The S-View Flip Cover is definitely high quality, with custom stitching around the perimeter of the case and en embossed Galaxy S5 logo on the bottom of the flip.

In terms of protection, it’s okay in the sense that it completely keeps your original battery door looking like new, because you won’t have it on your phone anymore.  There’s not a lot of protection on the outside corners, which is worrisome for drops.  This case is more for the additional functionality and scratch protection rather than a full-fledged protective case versus drops and throws, so keep that in mind.  This case also does not officially support any sort of stand functionality.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Cover Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Cover Samsung Galaxy S5 S-View Flip Cover

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