Snugg Leather Pouch

Snugg’s Leather Galaxy S5 Pouch is a relatively affordable solution for your device, and it will do a great job of keeping your S5 stowed away and out of harm’s way.  These are made from a polyurethane leather, as opposed to genuine leather, but they’re available in three different colors and currently on sale.  


While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a company opting for synthetic leather over genuine leather, there are definitely other Galaxy S5 pouches out with genuine leather within the same price range.  Regardless of material, Snugg’s Galaxy S5 pouch is just as protective and offers most of the same features as its counterparts.

Your device fits into this pouch feet first, and it does take a couple of weeks or so for the PU leather to get broken in.  It won’t be overly difficult removing your phone in that timespan though, because there’s a pull tab included in the case.  If you’re unfamiliar how it works, it’s quite simple.  There’s a strap inside the pouch that gets pushed down by your phone when placing it inside.  The end of that strap is fed through the pouch with a tab attached to it that sits on the outside of the pouch.  When the phone is all the way in, the tab will be pulled flush against the outside of your case.  When you’re ready to remove your S5, simply pull the tab and the strap inside will lift the phone up as you create slack.  This is ingenious because you won’t have to worry about squeezing your fingers inside the pouch to grab your phone.

Snugg Galaxy S5 Leather Pouch

Snugg has also added an extra pocket on the front for ID cards, credit cards, or even folded up cash.

The interior is lined with a soft Nubuck material which ensures your phone’s housing nor screen get scratched up by stray grains of sand or dirt that can get inside the pouch and be grinded in.  The PU leather and Nubuck work well together to pad your Galaxy S5 too, so if you were to drop your phone while in this case, it shouldn’t suffer any major damage unless it’s not in all the way.

Snugg also has a lifetime guarantee on this product, so if for some reason it starts coming apart you can contact them for replacement options.

All in all, this is a very decent pouch and probably the lowest priced one with all the features it includes.  It’s not made from genuine leather, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking a look at it because the PU leather is just as versatile as its genuine counterpart.

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