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Speck has launched its new lineup of Galaxy S5 cases as part of their CandyShell lineup, and they come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and colors.  These cases are dominantly gel, but also have hard portions for added protection.  You can get these in either the original CandyShell variant, or the Inked and Grip variants today.  


Speck has been at it for a long time, creating some of the more premium cases for smartphones and mobile electronics.  Their new lineup of CandyShell cases for the Galaxy S5 continue the trend, expanding their inventory of cases to Samsung’s flagship smartphone.  The CandyShell comes in three varieties: CandyShell, CandyShell Inked, and CandyShell Grip, and they each have their own styles and feature sets.

The original CandyShell mainly consists of a silicone skin with a large polycarbonate cover that fits on over it.  The silicone is extremely thin, as is the hard portion of the case, which creates a very low profile look and feel to keep excess bulk at a minimum.  The shell on this particular model is shiny and glossy and feels great in the hand.  Accentuations of the colored silicone underneath poke out from the corners and buttons, creating a unique, streamlined design that does well against small drops but nothing too high.

The CandyShell Grip takes the design of the CandyShell and adds much more silicone along the rear and sides, which should definitely help in properly gripping your Galaxy S5 so that it doesn’t easily fall out of your hands.  The extra grip also protects further against drops and you should be able to drop these from a little bit higher (not on purpose, mind you).  The raised nature of the grip also protects the hard case, which is susceptible to scratching and blemishes after a lot of abuse.  Everything else about the case is identical to its CandyShell counterpart.

The CandyShell Inked is a series of cases which have designs on the rear, including Caribbean and Flower styles that will definitely fit some people’s tastes.  These are built identically to the original CandyShell, but the polycarbonate back plate has been designed with a scratch resistant hard coating which makes sure the graphics never fade or peel.

Buttons are easily pressable while in this case, which is what we’ve come to expect from Speck.  Removing the case is a little difficult at first, but eventually it “breaks in” and becomes more easier.  You’ll probably be wanting to remove the case every two weeks or so to clean out the gunk that can accumulate underneath the lips of the front silicone since it can get nasty and even cause light scratching to your Galaxy’s housing if left uncleaned.

There is definitely a premium price on these, which is something we can’t overlook.  There are equivalent cases out for less, but the quality of materials definitely diminishes.  Speck’s cases maintain rigidity and don’t get floppy like some cheaper companies’ cases, so you definitely get what you pay for in that regard.

If you’re attracted to any of the designs though, you should definitely check the CandyShell cases out.

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