Spigen Flip View

The Flip View is Spigen’s own take on the S-View Cover for the Galaxy S5, offering an interactive window similar to Samsung’s own offering but with some key differences.  These currently cost a lot less than the S-View cases and you can now order them in both Black and White.  


With the Flip View, Spigen set out to create a case that was just as good as Samsung’s offering, but would still offer most of the same capabilities.  With the Flip View, you get a case that’s a little bit more protective and robust than the S-View, partly because of how it attaches to your device.  It doesn’t replace the battery door, but instead securely fastens your Galaxy S5 in place via a polycarbonate shell fused to the interior.

The front flip is lined with a soft microfiber material which will prevent scratching and help wipe smudges away just a little bit when shut.  A magnetic latch comes down over the front flip to keep it shut while in transit or not in use.  There is a cutout at the top that perfectly aligns with your Galaxy S5’s earpiece as well, allowing you to take calls with the flip shut and sparing your screen from sweat, make-up, or grease.

Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5

The Interactive Window is not just an opening that leaves your screen vulnerable, instead it’s actually a clear piece of plastic that allows complete usage of that area of the screen with great visibility.  It can get scratched, so be careful.

Because this isn’t the official S-View cover, Spigen has created their own app called Spigen Smart View, which you can get from the Google Play Store.  This will unlock all of the capabilities such as the notifications, call receiving, date, time, and other information.

Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5

Finally, one of the great features of this case that the S-View does not have is the stand capability, allowing you to set your Galaxy S5 up in the landscape orientation for media consumption.  With this functionality you’ll be able to sit back and watch Hulu+, Netflix, YouTube, and anything else you can think of.

If you drop your Galaxy S5 while in this case, it’ll be very safe thanks to the multiple materials at play.  As long as the front flip stays shut, you’ll have complete 360 degree protection from impact and drops.  The Galaxy S5’s own dust and water-resistant properties will do the rest, but you still shouldn’t submerge your device.

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Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5 Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5 Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5 Spigen Flip View for Galaxy S5

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