Spigen Galaxy S5 Wallet Cases

In the world of cases, several varieties exist in all sorts of styles and colors.  A popular option that’s picking up steam lately are wallet cases, and for good reason.  With the advent of tablets and larger screened smartphones, these new cases offer great utility and also eliminate the need to carry around a wallet in most cases.  Spigen is one of the first companies to offer Galaxy S5 wallet cases and you can order yours now in three different colors including Brown, Black, and White.  


As the screens on smartphones become larger, cases too become larger, and with that comes the ability to reinforce protection and add new features into the cases themselves.  Enter: the wallet case.  These cases are designed to both protect and offer additional functionality to your Galaxy S5, and these are a great fit for most people.  In terms of protection, these specific wallet cases from Spigen are designed from a synthetic, leather-like material that is great at dampening the blows from drops and falls and also maintaining rigidity under outside pressure.  They are held shut by a magnet that keeps the front cover closed while in transit as well, so you won’t have to worry about your Galaxy slipping out.

On the front of the flip cover is also an opening for the earpiece, which is an important feature because it allows you to talk on your phone without having to open the flip.  You’ll still have to open it to answer, however, but can close it right back and keep your screen clean of face grease, sweat, or make-up.

This case also features stand functionality, which means you can set it up into the horizontal orientation and view content on your beautiful 1080p 5.1″ screen while reclined back in your chair.  Inside, you’ll also find a pocket to store either a credit card or an ID or two.  For people who travel light, this could absolutely take the place of your existing wallet if all you need is a credit card and a driver’s license.

Spigen expects to begin shipping these cases out on April 10th, 2014, a day before the official release of the Galaxy S5.  If you can get your order in during the pre-order sale, you’ll have your case within days of release and also get a hefty discount.

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Spigen Galaxy S5 Case Wallet

Spigen Galaxy S5 Case Wallet Spigen Galaxy S5 Case Wallet Spigen Galaxy S5 Case Wallet

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