Spigen Neo Hybrid

The Neo Hybrid from Spigen has the same qualities as a bumper case, with reinforced siding, but there are a few additions the company has made to set it apart.  Namely, the metallic siding (it’s actually just painted, not real metal) and a textured back that greatly assists in grip.  You can currently order these in six different colors, which have pretty exciting names including Satin Silver, Dante Red, Copper Gold, Reventon Yellow, Electric Blue, and Metal Slate.  


The Neo Hybrid has been a staple among all of Spigen’s cases, and is one of the better-looking styles among all case manufacturers.  The premise of the design from a protective and aesthetic standpoint is rather simple.  A TPU core (now with dimples for the Galaxy S5) and a metal-looking frame and buttons.  Much ado is made about the metallized buttons, but they are actually polycarbonate with a metallic-looking paint job.  And there’s nothing wrong with that, as polycarbonate in such a small capacity is lighter and metal would be overkill for buttons.

The case borrows some elements from Spigen’s other cases, including the internal web pattern inside the TPU skin.  The pattern not only looks cool, but it actually has a protective purpose which is to help dissipate shock damage a little better than a standard TPU case which is good in itself, so the web pattern doesn’t hurt.

The shiny frame fits snugly over the TPU skin once it’s on your Galaxy S5, and like other hybrid cases its main role is to keep the entire case rigid so it can withstand outside forces and pressures like being sat on or flattened in a briefcase, laptop bag, purse, or some other type of bigger carrying bag.  If you wear tight jeans and crouch down, it also helps against being pressed against your leg and potentially bending and ruining your device.

Rather than openings over the buttons, there are buttons installed in the frame itself which make pressing them a little easier.  And of course you’ll have openings for the charging port, rear camera hardware, microphones, headphone jack, and speakerphone.  The lip also protrudes forward enough to keep the screen protected when set flat down, but it’ll still be exposed.  If you want complete protection, you’ll want to pair this one with some sort of screen protector.  The stock glass screen on the Galaxy S5 should be sufficient enough to protect against most scratches though.

If you drop your Galaxy S5 while it’s in this case, it’ll be pretty decently protected.  The TPU skin will absorb most of the shock, as the frame is more for decoration and another very minimal buffer between the dangerous outside world and your previous Galaxy.  The case is definitely priced like a very rugged case, but you’re paying more for the aesthetic, brand name, and quality of materials rather than protection.  And that’s not to say the protection it’s bad, it’s still very good at preventing damage from drops and being crushed.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Metal Slate) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Silver) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Red) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Gold) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Yellow) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for Galaxy S5 (Blue)

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  1. I just received my Neo Hybrid case today and unfortunately I am returning it tomorrow. The buttons just feel terrible. Case itself looks great! Wish so much I could keep it but these buttons are horrible. My wife picked up a Ballistic case and I really digging the feel of the buttons despite the styling.

    Really wanted to love this case. Genuinely surprised that anyone would be ok with these buttons.

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