Spigen Slim Armor View

Just because you want an S-View type cover for your Galaxy S5 no longer means you must sacrifice protection.  Spigen has just announced the Slim Armor View for the Galaxy S5, offering an interactive window that shows missed alerts and media controls with the help of their free app.  The Slim Armor View from Spigen is now available to order in Black and White.  


UPDATE 7/15/14: There are currently a lot of glitches and bugs with the Spigen software that allows the window features to work.  While the case itself is solid, the software still needs some fixes to be fully functional.

It has been in the making for quite some time, but the Slim Armor View is now available for the Galaxy S5.  While Samsung’s handset has the S-View cover that allows increased functionality through the flip cover’s window, it has been largely exclusive to the company’s own S-View Covers and Cases.  With the Slim Armor View, you get roughly the same functionality with the assistance of a Spigen-coded Smart View Plus app available for free in the Play Store.  

One of the main drawbacks of using an S-View Cover with your device was the lack of ruggedness.  While it protects as well as a normal case, it didn’t have the extra level of protection offered in some of the more heavy duty cases.  Seeing this, Spigen advanced its Slim Armor case by transforming it via the flip cover with the interactive window in place.

Spigen Slim Armor View for Galaxy S5

The inside of the flip cover is lined with a soft material that will prevent scratching and even somewhat help remove oils from your fingers and face that can accumulate on the screen.  The flip also has the ability to completely fold around to the back of the case so it gets out of your way while using your Galaxy S5.  When you close the front flip, it also puts your screen to sleep and wakes it back up when it’s opened.

The case portion of the Slim Armor View maintains the same level of protection as the Slim Armor, utilizing Air Cushion technology at each of the four corners and the web pattern on the interior of the TPU skin.  The buttons are also extremely easy to press, something that cheaper cases make into a rather difficult task and feat in itself.

Spigen Slim Armor View for Galaxy S5


Dropping your Galaxy S5 while in this case shouldn’t make you worry, as there’s a few materials in play to help your device withstand the force of most drops and accidents.  The polycarbonate keeps the case solid and the TPU dampens most shock with ease.  The front cover being closed also adds another level of protection the original Slim Armor doesn’t offer.

The Smart View Plus app will allow you to check all sorts of notifications on your device without opening the flip, including missed calls, texts, and more.  You can also control your MP3 player and camera as well, which is extremely convenient for snapping a quick pic and not worrying about fumbling with the cover.  The Smart View App is not available to download before the case’s release on July 1st, 2014, so if you download the app currently in the store you may need to download the new version when it’s released.

Overall, this is the most functional and rugged case that will be available for the Galaxy S5.  There are more rugged cases, but they simply do not offer this level of functionality.  It’s priced relatively low as well, considering the increased utility and protection.

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  1. Claude Marchand

    Hi, this is a nice review. But there are a few things missing.
    Do you know if it will retain its waterproof feature and will the heart monitor still work? Any other features that could potentially be affected?

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    • Mike

      Yes, it will remain waterproof since the case actually fits on the outside of the Galaxy S5. Typically, cases which ruin the “waterproof-ness” of the Galaxy S5 replace the battery door and there isn’t a proper seal because of it.

      The heart rate monitor will still function as Samsung has placed that sensor right beside the LED flash on the rear and the opening on the Slim Armor View is wide enough for there to be enough clearance.

      The bottom of the front lip is also wide open which allows you to swipe your finger down the Fingerprint Scanner to get a good read as well.

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  2. Jon

    I like the idea of having the front door and view window some of the time, but not sure if I would want to deal with opening the door and wrapping it around at all times. There’s also the added bulk of having that decent sized hinge off to the left side. I know I would have certain situations where I would want to leave the door off.

    With that said, I was looking at some of the promotional images that Spigen has on this, and it looks like the door could be optionally removed, but the rest of the case would still function the same as a regular Slim Armor case (for the most part). Can you confirm if this is true?

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      • Jon

        Thanks for the quick reply, that’s enough to push me in for one of these.

        I’m honestly surprised they don’t highlight that as a “feature,” considering I’m sure a lot of folks avoid the flip cover cases altogether due to this reason (I did). This is the first one I’ve seen that has a way to remove the front cover, which is a huge added bonus in my opinion.

        Now if they just developed a way to make the cover flip back and lock into place as a kick stand too they’d have the perfect case.

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        • Mike

          Yea I think they can of alluded to it in that one picture but it definitely wasn’t a bullet point and I agree it is a key differentiating feature compared to similar Galaxy S5 cases, because that flip swinging freely can be annoying especially when you’re trying to use the camera and it’s just kind of dangling there. It’s also a heavier duty flip so it’d be much more noticeable.

          Not many of the pure flip covers have stand functionality, unlike the Wallet Cases which kind of fold in on themselves. The Seidio LEDGER has a kickstand which works and so does the Noreve Tradition B, but their flips aren’t removable.

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  3. john

    I can’t believe this review got 5 stars, considering that Google play shows that the accompanying Smartview Plus application, which is needed to get the special functionality when you open/close the case is very buggy and renders the device close to unusable.

    Definitely turns it into a PITA to use.

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    • Mike

      I gotta go back and check the app out because at the time of the review it wasn’t yet available. But you’re right, judging from the reviews on the app this is definitely not what was promised.

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