Yes, it will remain waterproof since the case actually fits …

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Yes, it will remain waterproof since the case actually fits on the outside of the Galaxy S5. Typically, cases which ruin the “waterproof-ness” of the Galaxy S5 replace the battery door and there isn’t a proper seal because of it.

The heart rate monitor will still function as Samsung has placed that sensor right beside the LED flash on the rear and the opening on the Slim Armor View is wide enough for there to be enough clearance.

The bottom of the front lip is also wide open which allows you to swipe your finger down the Fingerprint Scanner to get a good read as well.

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Spigen Slim Armor View

Spigen Slim Armor View
Not yet unfortunately, but they are starting to fix the issues one by one!

Spigen Slim Armor View
I gotta go back and check the app out because at the time of the review it wasn’t yet available. But you’re right, judging from the reviews on the app this is definitely not what was promised.

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OtterBox Preserver
This case (the Preserver) is really good for that because it’s light and has the lanyard. If you drop it from really high up though, you’re going to be in trouble. If you’re absolutely sure the lanyard will stay attached to you, the OtterBox Preserver here is good.

Element Case also makes all of their Galaxy S5 cases with lanyards included, and they’re pretty rugged as well and some are a little bit lower-priced than the Preserver. You can check those out here:

Hope this helps.

OtterBox Preserver
The Preserver does have a little bit of drop protection, but not nearly as much as the Defender. 6.6 feet is probably true, but I’ve known people who’ve dropped their phones in Defenders from very, very high up and they’ve been fine. 🙂

OtterBox Preserver
The Preserver is not as rugged as the Defender when it comes to pressure, impact, and force. The Defender is built with a really hard shell and a thick silicone skin that goes on around it. With the Preserver, you just have a kind of bendable, plastic shell that has a lot more “give” in it.

Drop protection and getting sat on or “smooshed” will be better guarded with the Defender. You basically have two layers of protection with the Defender as opposed to one with the Preserver. The Preserver is air-tight though, so it’s waterproof.

OtterBox Preserver
I did not experience nor have I heard of any echoing problems with the Preserver for the Galaxy S5…

You might be thinking the LifeProof, which we warn about the echo in.

LifeProof frē
There’s nowhere for a lanyard on this case unfortunately. Both slots at the bottom corners are for prying the case open. The best case that’s waterproof for a lanyard is $10 more and it’s the OtterBox Preserver which has a lanyard slot on the bottom corner.