Thanks for the quick reply, that’s enough to push me …

Comment on Spigen Slim Armor View by Jon.

Thanks for the quick reply, that’s enough to push me in for one of these.

I’m honestly surprised they don’t highlight that as a “feature,” considering I’m sure a lot of folks avoid the flip cover cases altogether due to this reason (I did). This is the first one I’ve seen that has a way to remove the front cover, which is a huge added bonus in my opinion.

Now if they just developed a way to make the cover flip back and lock into place as a kick stand too they’d have the perfect case.

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Spigen Slim Armor View
I like the idea of having the front door and view window some of the time, but not sure if I would want to deal with opening the door and wrapping it around at all times. There’s also the added bulk of having that decent sized hinge off to the left side. I know I would have certain situations where I would want to leave the door off.

With that said, I was looking at some of the promotional images that Spigen has on this, and it looks like the door could be optionally removed, but the rest of the case would still function the same as a regular Slim Armor case (for the most part). Can you confirm if this is true?