Spigen Slim Armor

Spigen‘s Slim Armor could be considered the younger sibling of the Tough Armor, offering slightly lesser protective qualities with a slightly slimmer profile, thus the name.  The new Slim Armor utilizes a dotted design new for the Galaxy S5 case and it’s currently available to order in five different colors including Champagne Gold, Red, Blue, Metal Slate, and a Shimmering White.  


Spigen has designed and developed the Slim Armor series for quite some time and for a lot of mobile devices in the past.  With the new Galaxy S5 edition of the case, there is a new dotted pattern that adds texture and grip to the colored, polycarbonate portion of the case that also further sets it apart from the more rugged Tough Armor case.  Even though the Slim Armor is more thin, it’s more similar to the Tough Armor than it is different.

The Slim Armor utilizes a hybrid design that combines a TPU skin with an outer polycarbonate shell.  Inside the TPU skin is a Web Pattern that really accomplishes three things: Most importantly, it dissipates excess heat which emits from the battery.  It also slightly helps disperse impact from drops better than a flush, flat interior.  It also looks pretty cool and gives a nice subtle touch to the case, even though it will never be seen but anyone but you when removing it.

Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case

The TPU skin also houses the buttons, which are designed very well and are extremely easy to press when controlling your volume or putting the screen to sleep and waking it back up.  The buttons protrude through openings specially cut into the polycarbonate shell.  Spigen has also implemented their patented Air Cushion technology into each of the four corners, protecting the most vulnerable spots of the Galaxy S5 housing.

You also maintain complete functionality of all Galaxy S5 features, including the Fingerprint Scanner and Heart Rate Monitor.

Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case

Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case

You can feel rather confident that your Galaxy S5 will remain protected in the event of an accident such as a drop or a throw you might make in the heat of the moment.  Obviously, there’s going to be no coverage on the screen, but the front lip does protrude out slightly, creating a small buffer area on flat surfaces.

Overall, Spigen continues to impress with their design and quality of cases they make available.  There is a little bit of a premium price on the Slim Armor, but it’s well worth it and if you’ve used their products before, you’ll feel comfortable with the feel and size.

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Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case (Blue) Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case (Red) Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case (Gold) Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case (Slate) Spigen Galaxy S5 Slim Armor Case (White)

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