Spigen Tough Armor Cases

Spigen‘s Tough Armor Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S5 look absolutely stunning, and the protection that they provide based on their minimal bulk and weight is also very good.  Combining a rigid TPU skin and a polycarbonate shell, Spigen’s Tough Armor is their top of the line case, and it’s currently available to order in Copper Gold, Metal Slate, Gunmetal, and Black.  


The Tough Armor Series from Spigen is now available for the Galaxy S5, and it offers the same great protection it’s offered on all of the previous devices it’s covered.  The Tough Armor essentially consists of a polycarbonate shell that grasps firmly over a high quality TPU skin.  The interior of said skin has a web-like pattern that does more than just look cool, it actually helps dissipate impact from drops and falls.

The corners of the Tough Armor also have Air Cushions which greatly reduce the chance of any major damage from occurring during those accidents.  The polycarbonate shell does a great job of providing a smooth surface so that you can easily slide it in and out of your pockets, and it also helps keep your entire case firm and rigid so it doesn’t get crushed when you carry it with you.  The buttons for the power and volume are designed into the silicone itself and are very easy to press.

The front lip of the Tough Armor protrudes out 1.5mm, which gives enough room to fit Spigen’s tempered glass screen protector on there as well if you want complete protection.

If you were to drop your Galaxy S5 while it was in this case, there’s not much damage that would happen unless your screen somehow makes direct contact with a surface, which is not common because of the lip.

If you’ve had a Spigen Tough Armor, or even a Slim Armor, you know what to expect and that’s definitely not a bad thing.  Their materials are top-notch and their cases are extremely well-designed.  Overall, this will probably be the best bulk:protection ratioed case we’ll see, but we’d love to be wrong!

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Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor Case (Gold) Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor Case (Metal Slate) Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor Case (Gunmetal) Spigen Galaxy S5 Tough Armor Case (Black)

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