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The Ultra Fit Capsule case from Spigen for the Galaxy S5 is composed solely of a high quality TPU skin that is precision cut specifically for Samsung’s new flagship handset.  It’s currently available to order in a few different colors and is currently scheduled to begin shipping out on April 15th, 2014, a few days after the Galaxy S5 launch.  You can order yours now at special discounted pricing for the time being.  


Spigen makes some of the nicer-looking cases for several mobile devices, and at first glance it appears that their collection of Galaxy S5 cases will be no exception.  Spigen designs their cases in the United States and has them manufactured in South Korea, which also happens to be Samsung’s headquarters.  A hub bub was created when Spigen initially released mockups of what would soon become the Galaxy S5, and they were largely correct except for some having no Home button.

But at any rate, the Galaxy S5 has now been revealed, and Spigen’s Ultra Fit Capsule is one of the first available to order.  The Ultra Fit Capsule is case consisting of a single mold of TPU with precision cut openings over the new USB 3.0 port, headphone jack, rear speaker, and rear camera and flash LEDs.  For the power and volume buttons, Spigen has elected to design buttons into the case itself which is not bad at all.  Spigen actually installs like “pokers” underneath their buttons that make pressing them much easier than some other lower quality cases which need to be “broken in” to get accurate hits.  Other cases are too sensitive and will engage the power button just by brushing past it which can be annoying.

The TPU used in this case is extremely high quality and very rigid.  At first touch, you may not even notice it’s malleable.  The edges are sharpened, which is odd for TPU cases but it works well.  The texture is soft as well and not plastic-y smooth.  There is a cross pattern on the rear, however, that does have the glossy smooth finish but only to assist in grip.

The front lip of this case protrudes out very slightly, giving you enough clearance to lay it flat on a counter or table without the 5.1″ 1080p screen of your new Galaxy S5 making direct contact and potentially getting scratched.

If you were to drop your phone while in this case, there’s a good chance nothing major will happen if it lands on a flat surface.  We would have liked to see more reinforcement on the corners, but it would have definitely made the case larger which is a trade-off you can make with another case if you’re more worried about ruggedness.

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