Spigen Ultra Fit Cases

Spigen‘s Ultra Fit cases are basic, polycarbonate shells that fit around the rear and sides of your Galaxy S5.  Protection is minimal, but these cases are absolutely great for their weight and thinness and they do an adequate job protecting against scratches and scuffs, but not so much for impact.   You can order yours now in four different colors including White, Black, Gold, and Clear.  


When Spigen created the Ultra Fit, they wanted to make a very a basic case that didn’t add too much heft to the Galaxy S5.  It’s comprised of a single sheet of molded polycarbonate, and shaped to fit the Galaxy S5 precisely and it’s just malleable enough to comfortably fit and attach to your handset firmly.  Spigen made sure to have all the proper cutouts in place as well, and they’ve elected to have openings over the buttons as opposed to built-in metallic buttons.  There’s also plenty of clearance beneath the case for the new USB 3.0 port and a slot opened for the rear speaker.

If you were to drop your Galaxy S5 while in this case, you might be in trouble.  The polycarbonate used is great for scratches and resisting forces that could crush your phone like being inside a backpack of laptop bag, but it doesn’t do good when it comes to shock absorption.  If you drop your phone, the shock from the impact is going to be transferred straight to your Galaxy S5 and potentially crack your screen.

While this case isn’t too advanced when it comes to protection, the paint job and texture of the case is great.  It has a soft, matte finish that makes handling it and gripping it much easier than some glossy plastic cases which can sometimes easily slip out of one’s hand or grasp.  Removing the case is extremely painless and just requires a minor bend from the top or bottom to pull it off, and it’s just as easy putting it back on.

Overall, the price you pay compared to other plain, plastic cases comes from the quality of the material and great paint job.  The urethane coating on top of the case is a great touch for protecting against normal wear and tear and UV exposure.

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