Spigen Ultra Hybrid Bumper Cases

One of the most popular cases is Spigen‘s Ultra Hybrid Bumper Cases, which look like they only protect the sides of their respective device, but actually incorporate both polycarbonate and TPU with a transparent back that offers great protection and is extremely stylish.  The company is currently taking pre-orders for their Galaxy S5 bumper cases, and you can reserve yours now in either Black, Clear, Gold, Blue, or their signature Metal Slate colors.   


Bumper cases became very popular around the introduction of the iPhone 4, which basically were minimalistic cases that allowed the design aesthetic of the device to not be obscured by an opaque case.  Since then, bumper cases have caught on for multiple phones from a variety of companies.  Even though they looked great, they still left the front and back of your device completely vulnerable.  The shape of the bumpers allowed you to place your device face down or face up and not have them make direct contact with the surface they sat on, but they could still get scratched and scuffed up.

With the Ultra Hybrid Bumper Cases from Spigen, they have solved that by incorporating a transparent, clear piece on the rear of the case that still allows the design of your Galaxy S5 to shine through, and also protects it.  Along the edges of the case is a TPU material that is awesome at dampening the shock from drops or falls.  Spigen has also taken their protection game a step further and integrated air cushions at each of the four corners of the case, as those spots are usually the most troublesome areas when it comes to screen shatterings.

The buttons on this case are also extremely easy to press, as Spigen has mastered the art of designing pins on the interior of the buttons which allow more accurate presses.  There’s also precision cutouts for the new USB 3.0 port, headphone jack, rear speaker, and rear camera and flash LEDs.

This is currently one of the most attractive cases available for the Galaxy S5, and it protects extremely well for the size.  It’s currently heavily discounted during this pre-order promotion, so if you like what you see we recommend getting your order in as soon as possible!

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