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TORU’s Aluminum Galaxy S5 Cases   are designed with a polycarbonate hard case combined with a real, ABS aluminum back cover. While it appears that this back cover is nothing more than eye candy, there are some important things to note.


 Case Review

Unlike traditional metal cases for the S5, this offering from TORU is a little bit different. Typically, since metal is pretty much not malleable, the cases are composed of two halves that snap together and encapsulate your phone in between. With this case, TORU instead used a polycarbonate shell case with an aluminum backing installed.

The polycarbonate is flexible enough to squeeze your Galaxy S5 into and keep it securely locked in place. The back is entirely aluminum, however, and it looks great. There’s plenty of room for your Heart Rater Monitor and all the other rear hardware.

While this is all well and good in concept, there have been some reports that reception can be affected. If you have good reception or coverage at work, at home, or anywhere you go, you should be fine. If you live in fringe areas with a bar or two of coverage, the difference in reception may be enough to eliminate your service. So having a nice, aluminum cover may come at a cost and you should check your signal quality first before making the jump on this case!

This case will also eliminate any Qi capabilities you may have installed as well, so keep that in mind.


If you drop your Galaxy S5 while in the Aluminum Cases, it’s going to be as protected as well as it would be in a polycarbonate case. With the way this case is designed, the aluminum is not going to do much extra besides eliminate the flex of the case in the event of a sudden impact.

For the most part, it appears the metal back is more for show and doesn’t serve a functional purpose, but the case itself is still protective just not as protective as being made of aluminum would suggest!


 Looks great


 Can interfere with reception

 Final Thoughts

Overall, this is a purely cosmetic case that definitely looks great and protects decently, but the aluminum is definitely more for show than functionality, and in some cases can reduce functionality if you have a Qi receiver installed or live in a bad coverage area.

For the price though, this is a sweet little buy to get a nice-looking case, and it’s available in a few different colors as well, so check them out!

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TORU Aluminum Cases for the Galaxy S5TORU Aluminum Cases for the Galaxy S5TORU Aluminum Cases for the Galaxy S5TORU Aluminum Cases for the Galaxy S5TORU Aluminum Cases for the Galaxy S5

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