TYLT ENERGI Sliding Battery Power Case

A few months ago we first caught word that TYLT would be bringing their popular ENERGI Sliding Power Case to the Galaxy S5, and the battery case has finally come to fruition.  The very protective solution comes with several different components including a 2800mAh battery and one of the more protective designs out that will protect extremely well.  You can currently pick one of these up now   , but the stock is somewhat limited.


When TYLT set out designing their ENERGI line of battery cases, they wanted to create something that wasn’t as “rickety” as other battery cases currently out for the Galaxy S5.  In doing so, they designed two main components that would work extremely well with each other: an external battery pack and a protective case.  With this solution, you get the benefits of a somewhat rugged case that can be used independently from the battery pack which the case slides cleanly and securely into so you won’t always have to have it attached while wanting to protect your S5.

This design choice allows your Galaxy S5 to fit in extremely securely since the case allows them to install a rail system in the sides which can better hold your phone in place.  With other battery cases, your phone itself is used as the resistance point of the railing which is not as secure.

The battery pack is rated at 2800mAh, which is about average for S5 battery cases, and there are also LED indicator lights on the rear that give you a quick glance on how much power is left inside of it.  Like other battery cases, the TYLT ENERGI will convert your USB 3.0 charging port to a standard Micro USB charging port, and they’ve included a charge cable which can also sync data as well.

The case that slides into the power pack is a hybrid cases constructed from both polycarbonate and TPU like its peers.

TYLT also offers a one year warranty with this case, which is great and slightly above average.  TYLT is definitely one of the bigger name brands in the market today, and this unique design and the company’s support are two of the factors which give it a more premium price than cheaper alternatives.

You can drop your S5 while in this case and battery pack and I can’t see anything major happening to the device itself, but the battery pack could get nicked or scratched up in the process, so you don’t want to be dropping it too much.

The TYLT ENERGI isn’t the most rugged, nor does it have the most added battery capacity, but the quality of components and relatively slim size compared to similar products is in the top tier of offerings currently out.  Pick one of these up if you want a well-designed and constructed case from a very reputable company.

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